What You Need To Know To Have An Awesome Baby Shower

What You Need To Know To Have An Awesome Baby Shower

A baby shower is an incredible way to celebrate the upcoming birth of your baby with the women who mean the most to you. The baby shower is usually held soon before the baby is born, as gifts are given to help the mother prepare and take some of the stress out of the first few months of motherhood. In this guide, you’ll find what you need to know to have an awesome baby shower. Enjoy!

Send Save The Dates Out Early On

Make sure you send out the save the dates as early on as you can for your shower. Some people may need to book it off work. If you leave it too late, you may end up disappointed when you find out people can’t make it for whatever reason. As soon as you know when you’re having the shower, send out your save the dates!

Choose A Suitable Venue

Many people decide to have a baby shower at their own homes. It’s cheaper here and they feel more comfortable. However, if you have lots of people attending, then having it at a rented room or even just going to your favourite restaurant could be an idea. You can have your shower wherever you like!

Establish Proper Times

One thing people hate about baby showers is that they don’t seem to have any proper start and end time to them. How are people supposed to know when they can get back to their own families? It can put some people off attending if you aren’t clear about when it starts and finishes. Put proper times on your invites or RSVP cards so people can tell you whether they’ll be able to make it or not.

Play Some Fun Games

Lots of people play fun games at their baby showers to have a little fun surrounding the pregnancy and give everybody a laugh. You could get your guests to guess the name of your baby if you haven’t revealed it yet. You could even get them to come up with their own ideas, perhaps using letters from your own names. Another fun idea could be asking your guests to use bits from pictures of your face to create your baby’s face. Will they have dad’s nose and mum’s eyes?

Stay Away From Cringeworthy Stuff

There are so many cringe worthy games and traditions at baby showers. Don’t feel obliged to keep them if you hate them! Nobody needs to guess the circumference of your belly. You should definitely stay away from anything gross including nappies and chocolate!

Don’t Open Gifts Right Away

At your baby shower, people will probably present you with gifts, like those found on http://www.zoeyspersonalizedgifts.com/baby-shower-gifts/. Some feel pressure to open these right away, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Opening gifts in front of people can make you feel really self conscious, and can even make the whole event feel awkward. Why not just place the gifts on a table for later and open them when most people have gone and you’re left with your nearest and dearest? You could even open them when everybody has gone home and send out thank you notes later on. This way, you don’t have to ooh and ahh over gifts and take up the majority of your shower.

Purchase Prizes

Make sure you have some prizes ready for people who win your games. Simple writing equipment or kitchen stuff could be a great prize.

Make A Baby Bucket List

Why not get help making a baby bucket list at your shower? You could make/decorate a bucket and fill it with things you want to do with your baby in their first year. This can help you both to have the most exciting first year together possible! And for other ideas, our friends at CheekyTummy have compiled a detailed list of unique baby shower decorations.

Get Valuable Advice And Favorite Sayings

Why not buy a scrapbook or some index cards and ask people there to write down their favorite piece of advice or saying in regards to parenthood? You can then make them look attractive and look back on them one day!

Make Some Favors For Your Guests

Some people like to make small favors for their guests as a thank you for coming and celebrating with them. You could give out small packets of sweets, seeds, or anything else you think will make a cute and thoughtful gift for your guests. They definitely don’t need to be expensive!

Decorate The Room

Decorating the room nicely will create an atmosphere and help everybody to enjoy themselves more. You could do it based on the gender of your baby. This is a great idea if you haven’t told people what you’re having yet – let everybody into the room and they’ll all find out together in a unique way! If you’re not finding out until the birth, there are still plenty of cute ways you can decorate the room.

Serve Real Meals

Serving party food and snacks is OK, but your guests will appreciate it so much more if you serve them real life meals. This can also help make your shower more of a classy affair. Having plenty of food will ensure that people have nothing to complain about and leave feeling really satisfied!

Get The Men Involved

Traditionally, only women attend the shower. In this modern world, it only makes sense to invite the father, his friends and your male relatives to the shower too. Your partner and you are in this together, and the males should be able to celebrate the pending birth also. Get them involved and make it more fun for everybody. It just doesn’t make sense excluding anybody from baby celebrations anymore!

These tips should help you to have the most incredible baby shower. Make sure you enjoy every moment and savour it until your baby is born. Soon, things are going to get pretty hectic! If you have any of your own tips for throwing a fun baby shower, leave them below. Remember, you can have a baby shower even if you’re already a parent. It’s all good fun!

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