Where to Turn to When You’re Short of Cash

Where to Turn to When You're Short of Cash

Everyone finds themselves short of cash once in awhile. But where can you turn to when it happens to you? Here are your options.


Before you head to the bank or consider borrowing cash from friends, you should first ask your family members for help. Yes, this can be difficult and a little embarrassing, but it could be worth it. When you borrow from family members, you get a little more flexibility and reliability. They probably won’t be as strict on repayments as a major bank will. And it’s certainly a much safer option that heading to a loan shark who you won’t be able to trust at all. If you ask me, your family should always be your first resort.

Sell Some Things

Most of us have homes that are filled with things that we don’t really want or need, so it could make sense to sell some stuff. This will bring in some extra cash for you to spend on what you need to spend money on. It doesn’t make sense to leave the stuff lying around your home when you could be making money from it. You could use a popular online auction site like Ebay to sell your products on. Or, if you don’t want to take the online route, you could hold a garage sale.

Spend Less

Spending is how our money disappears, so it might be a good idea to analyse your spending habits. Many people spend more money than they realize. Those small purchases all add up over time, so it might be a good idea to try spending a little less and seeing how you go. You could ditch the brands and start buying products that are cheaper. This is the kind of change that is barely noticeable, but could save you a lot of money over the course of a year, so give it a try.

Consider a Loan

Taking out a loan is a big move, so it’s not something that you should do lightly. Only take this step if you’ve thought it through and discussed it thoroughly with your family. When you’re sure that this is what you need to do, you should browse all the options and read through the deal carefully, so you know what you’re getting into. And only consider a payday loan from providers like Credit24 if you’re 100% sure that you’ll be able to pay the money back swiftly. This is because the interest rates will be high, and you could find yourself in a debt spiral.

Consolidate Your Student Loans

When you consolidate multiple student loans or refinance a single student loan, you may receive a lower monthly payment with a reduced interest rate or an extended repayment term. Keep in mind that extending your repayment term may increase the amount of interest you pay over the life of the loan. Student loan consolidation may be an effective way to reduce your monthly cash outflows.

Address Underlying Problems

If you’re constantly finding yourself short of cash, it might be time to address the underlying problems that are causing this. Sometimes, this might not be possible. There are some things that you can’t cut back on, but for some people, it might be possible to make long-term changes. Maybe you could look for a new job if you feel like you are currently being underpaid by your employer. Maybe you’re spending too much, and you can find ways to cut back to solve your long-term problems.

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