Why Get Vintage Engagement Rings?

Why Get Vintage Engagement Rings?

As is the tradition that dates back to ancient Egypt, when a man is about to marry his life’s love, the custom is to give her something special and unique to show her how much he cares. However, in today’s challenging economic times, not everyone can afford an engagement ring because jewelry is getting expensive by the day. But that does not mean you should stop and not try to shop around. This is why we recommend trying to get a vintage engagement ring which are not only hard to find these days but are also quite affordable. Since they are unique and will come from the heart, your love will definitely love it!

How do you know about a vintage ring? This is quite simple, a vintage ring is a ring which is at least 30 years old and no older than 50 years. These are technically antiques but they are sold nonetheless at affordable prices. The best bit about vintage rings is that each of these were hand crafted to perfection and each of them had some sort of meaning to them. Back in that time, most women were able to find an engagement ring that matched their personality. However, today the rings are mass produced and are not unique in nature, making it tough to relate yourself with them.

Where to find vintage rings?

Vintage rings as mentioned above are not readily available to buy. In order to find one, you must first know where vintage stuff is sold. For example, start by looking at auctions or antique stores. You are bound to come across something there. If you still don’t find one, you can always check on the internet for more places. But before you buy a vintage ring, you must consider its color, carat, clarity and cut in mind because these are the things that define a ring.

When you are about to buy a vintage ring and you aren’t sure if you are purchasing a legitimate ring, you simply have to look at the cut of the diamond. Remember that every diamond cut today is cut through a laser. Back in the days, there were no lasers and people had to cut diamonds with hands and other tools. Hence the cut of the vintage ring may appear to be a little rough on the edges. This is a very good way to know if you are getting the right ring. You can always take the ring to a trusted jeweler for inspection too.

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