Women Can Do It, Too: Bringing The Game To Your Home

Turning Your Backyard Into An Indoor Basketball Court

Turning Your Backyard Into An Indoor Basketball Court

We must acknowledge that things are changing; going outside is now a risky practice that we need to minimize as much as possible. We do all of our activities now at home or online, which makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle less important than it once was.

It’s a good thing that you can still get a wide range of fitness equipment online, so you can blend work and play even while you’re at home. And every modern woman can show you how to do it.

Having a personal basketball court is a great method to stay active without exposing yourself to our environment’s dangers and potentially dangerous elements. Here are more reasons why you should purchase one for your family:

It’s a Good Fitness Activity

You might be a professional player, or you and your family enjoy participating in sports. In any case, a basketball system can help you to employ your movements as a cardio exercise. More so, this is a great way to stay active and healthy, especially for kids who often spend their day in front of their devices.

It’s Convenient

You could be far away from the neighborhood playground, and getting to basketball arenas or recreation centers might require a long trip. By having a personal basketball system, you can enjoy your shooting exercises whenever you want, as it can be easily accessible in the comfort of your home.

It Bonds the Family

Having the option to work out in the comfort of your home, working out with your family can help you build relationships and develop a sense of community within your circle.

Building Your Basketball Court

The Location

The proper location where you should install your basketball hoop is one of the essential aspects you need to consider when building your basketball court at home.

We’re all aware that playing ball requires space or playing room. Is your driveway large enough to hold a basketball hoop? Is your backyard large enough to accommodate an in-ground basketball system? Be careful to consider these factors when ordering your basketball necessities online.

Frequency of Use

Do you intend to play ball every day as part of your regular workout? Will you and your family intend to play together, or will friends join you? It is critical to start thinking about these factors to determine the level of sturdiness that you should look for in a basketball hoop.

If you plan to play basketball daily and incorporate it into your cardio routine, you might want to go for an in-ground and permanent version. But, if playing is more of a leisure activity, then a portable type is enough to do the trick.


If you have money to spend on recreation and sports, a permanent basketball system is the best value for your money. However, if you’re on a limited budget or don’t have the capacity to install even a compact or movable basketball hoop, installing a backboard and ring would suffice.

Prepping the Area

You should expect that the most durable basketball system is the in-ground type. With all its installation requirements and accessories, you will most definitely need to prep your court area.

If you have a spacious backyard and enough expertise in home renovation, then this part should be easy for you. All you need is any Bobcat construction machine for excavating and loading the ground, and you’re good to go.


The mounted basketball hoop is easiest to set up, but you need to attach the accessories or backboard to the wall or home structure according to the manufacturer’s requirements. The hoops you pick should be easy to install, whether you do it yourself or with the assistance of your provider.


Backboards are available in polycarbonate materials, tempered glass, or clear acrylic. Depending on the type, it can affect the installation process of the basketball hoop. So, determine whether you want to play ball for enjoyment or if you want to prepare to be a professional athlete. The backboard’s material, shape, and size can affect the ball’s bounce movement, where you shoot from, and how much room is available on the court for you to play on.

Quality of Accessories

You also have to decide the rim size, diameter and length of the net, and the ring height. But most especially, don’t forget the durability of the stand and the base. Find the one with features that suit your home, your style of play, and your general preferences.

As a modern woman, building a suitable basketball set-up and basketball system for your homes can be tricky. But with enough effort and knowledge, you can develop your skill and show off your excellence in DIY home renovation projects.

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