Women’s Lingerie is Now for Women

There was a time when women’s lingerie was designed and worn by women solely for the purpose of pleasing members of the opposite sex. Women’s lingerie was more a tool than an exotic piece of clothing. Society has changed in many ways over the years and part of this evolution is the idea that women lead lives today that allow them to express themselves in a much sexier and positive manner. Women’s lingerie no longer needs to be a tool for men to enjoy. Today women’s lingerie is used by women to discover and promote their inner and outer beauty.

When women’s lingerie is worn women feel a stronger sense of empowerment and a more fulfilling sense of their own strong sexual characteristics. Designers have become wiser as decades have passed, creating women’s lingerie styles that are catered to every distinct body type of women. That is critical because the age-old theory that only women fitting a very specific body type were allowed to wear women’s lingerie is old-fashioned and sexist. All women should have the opportunity to dress in women’s lingerie as they wish, whether dressing in this manner for the benefit of others or simply for private enjoyment.

Not only have designers changed their mindset and created women’s lingerie for all body types, they have managed to create lingerie that is incredibly comfortable. Corsets and other types of women’s lingerie were uncomfortable for women to wear and even more uncomfortable to try and move around in due to the tight-fitting way the lingerie was made. This antiquated theory is a thing of the past as comfortable women’s lingerie is in style today. Women love wearing lingerie that fits in this manner as they can easily express their sexuality in a very direct manner.

More important, great fitting women’s lingerie allows a woman to express her sensuality in a positive manner. Some women are able to translate that into a higher level of self-esteem and self confidence. Anytime those characteristics have been heightened that is a fabulous thing for women and for society.

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