Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Chicago, IL: A Handy Guide

Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Chicago, IL: A Handy Guide

Chicago is one of the busiest cities on the planet, as workers are constantly out and about. After all, many areas of Chicago rarely shut down due to what time of the day it might be. With this in mind, there are times when these busy conditions lead to wrongful deaths. When this occurs, a wrongful death lawsuit may end up becoming the victim’s family’s best way of seeking compensation:

What Exactly Qualifies as a Wrongful Death?

A victim’s family and other beneficiaries may be entitled to bring a wrongful death claim against the person or parties at fault if a person is killed as a result of unlawful behavior. Wrongful death laws were established to give widows and orphans the financial assistance they required, as well as to encourage individuals to take extra precautions to avoid accidents.

Criminal charges are distinct from and extremely different from a wrongful death action, however. Furthermore, neither of these two processes affects or governs the other. This simply implies that the victim’s family may still bring a civil wrongful death lawsuit against the offender even though they were found not guilty of the crime. When looking for a Chicago wrongful death lawyer, it’s important to understand this distinction.

What is the Filing Timeline for a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

When seeking justice and proper financial compensation, families are strongly advised to work with a knowledgeable Chicago wrongful death attorney to present their case. It is crucial to make sure that the appropriate paperwork is submitted to the courts. With this in mind, finding and evaluating evidence to establish responsibility is difficult. Do not attempt to handle this alone as soon as you suspect that you may have a wrongful death case. A lawyer with extensive experience handling these issues should be contacted for assistance. They can guide you through the evidence-gathering process, and ensure that your filing of a lawsuit is likely to be successful in the long run.

With all of this being said, the length of time it takes to conclude a wrongful death case varies. These situations are frequently handled by out-of-court settlements between the family of the deceased and the at-fault party’s insurance providers. A wrongful death case may, however, also need to go all the way to trial. Cases that proceed to trial could take a long time to resolve, so it’s crucial to be prepared for this possibility. Even lawsuits that are resolved before going to trial may require several years to complete. After reviewing your situation, an experienced Chicago wrongful death attorney will assist you through the typical timeline for these cases.

Who Will Receive Compensation Once the Wrongful Death Lawsuit Concludes?

Some laws allow the surviving spouse, next of kin, or possibly the children of victims to recover compensation in the aftermath of a wrongful death lawsuit. Unless the other spouse is found guilty of desertion or if the other spouse did not give support, surviving spouses may initiate legal action even when they are separated. A lawsuit for the wrongful death of a parent may occasionally be brought by the children. Many unique situations exist surrounding wrongful death lawsuits, however, so consulting your attorney about the specifics of your case is highly recommended. Additionally, parents will be able to bring a claim for their children’s unfortunate deaths. Only minor children may file a lawsuit against the party liable for their parent’s tragic deaths.

What Types of Wrongful Death Lawsuits are Common in Chicago, IL?

Wrongful death lawsuits are unfortunately fairly commonplace in Chicago, IL. With this in mind, two types of wrongful death suits are particularly common:

1. Auto Accident Lawsuits

Auto accidents affect thousands of Chicago residents every year. Unfortunately, many deaths happen on Chicago roads as well. When these deaths are caused by the negligent behavior of one party, the family of the victims may be entitled to compensation through an auto accident lawsuit.

2. Worker Related Lawsuits

Workers’ rights laws help protect Chicago workers when they’re injured at their workplace. When a death occurs as a result of poor management, a wrongful death lawsuit can arise. Especially when they’re injured due to the negligent behavior of a company, or due to a lack of attention to safety laws, a wrongful death lawsuit is likely to be filed.

You Deserve Compensation for Your Suffering

By taking your situation seriously, you can ensure that you file a wrongful death lawsuit in a timely, successful fashion. Having a qualified personal injury attorney in your corner for these lawsuits is strongly recommended, as this will increase your chances of success to a significant degree.

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