Your Smartphone Is The Answer To Your Boredom

Your Smartphone Is The Answer To Your Boredom

With modern technology, we really have no excuse to get bored anymore. And with smartphones being as powerful and sophisticated as they are, there are endless opportunities for things to occupy yourself with right at your fingertips. Whether you’re waiting for a bus, an appointment or are at a loose end, one evening or ere are just a few of the ways you can kill your boredom on a smartphone

Teach Yourself Something New

One of the great things about having the entire internet in the palm of your hand is that you have endless opportunities to learn new things. You could download an educational app such as one that teaches you a new language; there are others where you can study to earn a qualification! Alternatively, you could watch educational videos and read articles to educate yourself on a topic that interests you.

Get Lost In a Book

If you’re used to reading a physical book, reading on a phone screen can take a little getting used to. But you’ll adjust in no time, and the incredible thing about this is you have access to a world of books on a device that you always have in your pocket. Sure you can buy Kindles and other reading tablets which are very travel-friendly, but if you happen to forget yours, you can go on the app and pick up your book right on the page where you left it on your phone.

Watch Something- Youtube, a Movie or TV

Having something to watch is an easy way to instantly kill some boredom. You could put Youtube on and watch the latest videos from your favorite Youtubers. You could download a television app which incredibly allows you to watch live tv. There are tons of different tv catchup apps too plus Netflix where you could watch an episode of your favorite show. Finally, you could purchase some movies to download to your device. This is useful if you’re going on a long journey and want something to entertain you throughout.

Listen To Something- Music, a Podcast or an Audiobook

This is useful when you’re doing a boring task- cleaning, washing, ironing, etc. It’s also useful if you’re walking somewhere or getting ready where you can’t sit and physically watch the screen. Having something to listen to can make a boring task go so much more quickly, or if you’re walking somewhere or working out, it can help you get through it. You can download all kinds of digital media in one place on a site like

Play a Game

Finally, it might not be the most productive of things to do on your phone, but there’s no doubt that playing a game kills boredom. Some apps are ridiculously addictive so can keep you entertained for hours. It beats sitting around twiddling your thumbs, and if you play a game which improves memory, for example, it’s good for the old gray matter too.

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