3 Quick & Easy Steps To Prepare Your Home For Guests

3 Quick & Easy Steps To Prepare Your Home For Guests

Whether it’s a family member coming to stay, or a friend popping over for coffee; we all have guests from time to time. As a result, we all go through the usual pre-guest stress of trying to get our home in order. Today, I’m going to give you all some of my best tips to help prepare your home for the arrival of any guest.

Hide All Your Clutter

Nobody wants to be known as that person with the messy home. As such, you don’t want guests seeing lots of clutter lying around your house. In preparation for their arrival, you need to get rid of all the mess that your children probably created. If you have a guest staying with you for a few days, then a thorough job must be carried out. However, if you have a guest just popping over for an hour or two, then you can get away with hiding the mess. Put toys in boxes and stuff clothes in cupboards – just keep everything hidden from view, so it looks like your house is nice and clean. If they can’t see the clutter, then they’ll never know it existed in the first place!

Get Rid Of Any Bad Smells

The last thing you want is a guest entering your home and recoiling at the smell that hits them. Sadly, this happens to a lot of people as they’re simply unaware of the smells around them. What you should do is help make your house smell a lot nicer. There are loads of items like aroma diffusers and fragrance oils that are very effective at removing bad smells and creating nicer ones. You can learn more about these online if that’s the type of thing you’re looking for. Alternatively, there’s nothing wrong with a few scented candles, and you should also try and get rid of bad smells in the kitchen by taking out the garbage and throwing away smelly foods.

Leave Surfaces Shiny

In many cases, your guests will likely only visit a few rooms in your home. People that pop over for coffee will probably be in your living room/kitchen and might venture to the bathroom. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll go into anyone’s bedroom! As such, don’t worry about cleaning the bedroom, focus on the other rooms instead. Get your polish out and leave all surfaces shiny and dust-free. Give your kitchen and bathroom a good scrub down too, leaving no traces of dirt or grime. This will make your house seem a lot cleaner, and people will be amazed at how spotless it is.

I find these three steps will always help me get my house ready for guests. The key is only concerning yourself with things they’re likely to notice, such as clutter, smells, and the cleanliness of certain rooms. I’d also say that you need to remember; not everyone is perfect. These guests probably have a house just like yours and so expect some imperfections here and there. So, don’t tire yourself out working for days to get your house ready – take it easy!

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