8 Ways to Spend Your Summer Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

8 Ways to Spend Your Summer Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

As summer vacation season approaches, parents and caregivers are racking their brains for fun activities for the children to keep them entertained. This article is aimed at parents and caregivers who want to make sure the kids have fun, without breaking the bank. We have come up with 8 imaginative ways to spend the summer holiday without burning a hole in your pocket:

  1. Make a Movie – If you have an old phone or camera, you can get the kids to create and star in their own movie. This can be a good opportunity to get their creative juices flowing and teach them about working together as a team.
  1. Baking – On rainy days when you are trapped at home, you can try our hands-on baking. You can get them to make fun cake, cupcakes, biscuits, pancakes and more. If you get them the ingredients and leave them to experiment designs, they can easily bake till their heart’s content!
  1. Painting – if you are in the process of remodeling or redesigning your house you can involve the children in the process. You can get them to choose the colors for their rooms and begin painting or you could get them to paint the driveway. It is worth noting that you should be sure to use a face mask when paining avoids inhaling dangerous fumes.
  1. Host your own Olympics – You can plan your own Olympics in the summer if you have the time to spare, the best thing about creating your own is that you can build it to last for as long as you want to. It can be a day affair or you could stretch it to last whole week. If you live in a child-friendly area, you can involve other parents and children to make it a neighborhood event.
  1. Flying Kites – One of those things we did as children, but for some reason it seems to have gone out of fashion, and it’s time to bring it back. Flying a kite is not only fun, it is also a clever way to encourage getting out of the house for some exercise. You can create a tournament and promote races between the children from prizes like chocolate and ice cream for the winners.
  1. Create your own art gallery – Every parent and caregiver will probably have a stash of paintings and other artwork that they have done over the year. An innovative idea can be to turn the living room or any other space into a viewing room for friends and families to come and check out their work.
  1. Local Events – If you run out of things to do, you could always check out what’s going on in your local neighborhood, for example, if you live in the Blackpool area you can search for “what’s on in Blackpool” and you are bound to get an endless list of activities for children and adults alike.
  1. Obstacle Course – If the sun’s out and you want to plan a full day of activities then you can plan an obstacle course. Depending on the space you have available to you and the number of people involved, it might be worth packing some drinks and sandwiches and heading to a park. If done properly an obstacle course can last all day and is bound to tire the kids out so they’re ready for bed as soon as they get home!

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