How You Can Grow Your Confidence Having Hit Rock Bottom?

How You Can Grow Your Confidence Having Hit Rock Bottom?

Hitting rock bottom for anyone of us will have a different meaning. You may have been fired from a job, had an accident on the road or divorced from a husband or wife. Whatever has caused you to reach rock bottom will feel immense to you, it’s your problem so you should own it. But feeling this way can affect us in a whole host of ways, and one thing it can damage is confidence. When you hit rock bottom the only way is up, right? But without the confidence to put one foot in front of the other to get there, how do you move on? With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the ways you could increase your confidence. Helping you reach a better point in your life, having learned and grown from your recent experiences.

Stay away from the negativity and embrace the positivity

It’s at this time of your life that you really get to know who your friends are. You will start to notice a pattern, so it presents a perfect opportunity for you to reevaluate your inner circle and stay away from any negativity. Some people are good for you, but others can zap the life right out of you and have a detrimental effect on your wellbeing. Without you even realizing it. Of course, you don’t need to rid yourself of everyone you care about. But staying away from those negative people, even for a short time, can lift your spirits and boost your confidence. You can become surer of yourself and your decisions.

Change your body language

Your posture, body language, and eye contact can all have a way with your confidence. Feeling slumped with your head down will instantly surround yourself with low confidence and self-esteem thoughts. It is harder to break away and move on from that when you are feeling it, as well as thinking it. So stand up, with your back straight and hold your head up high. Embrace people and smile, even if it is scaring you on the inside. You won’t believe the difference your positive interaction will make on yourself, and indeed others. For tips and advice check out websites like

Seek justice or resolve, not revenge

Whatever happened to you, it’s time for you to gain some inner clarity and closure. Revenge isn’t a road you should be going down, as this can only enable you to continue down a negative path. Instead, seek justice, or resolve your inner feelings. A car accident, for example, can offer you justice and peace of mind by taking your case to court for any personal injury you have had. Companies like have information online. If you lost your job evaluate as to why that happened, then move on with the goal of getting something better and what is right for you. It’s about learning from our experiences and taking out the positive elements as much as possible. Providing us with the stepping stones to improve our confidence and ability to move on.

Work on your gratitude and see the difference it can make

Finally, being grateful is one of the most powerful feelings. Grateful for your life if it was an accident you were involved in. Grateful for the lessons learned if your career has taken a knock. But also being grateful for the little things in life, such as your mindset, your home, your family, the life you lead. It can become a habit, that will enable you to find inner peace with things helping you to improve your confidence. When times do feel at their most bleak, there will always be something to be grateful for.

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