Worried About The Safety Of Your Kids? There’s An App For That!

Worried About The Safety Of Your Kids?

When it comes to keeping your kids and your family safe today, the sky’s the limit. There are now an embarrassingly large number of ways you can protect your family from all sorts of security threats, using the latest technology. Only a few years ago, most parents thought that the idea that they could somehow install their own CCTV systems in their house was ludicrous: it was the sort of thing only nosy governments did to keep an eye on citizens. But now, thanks to the free market, we’ve got such an abundance of cheap solutions any family can use to keep their kids safe. In fact, it’s not just cameras, although they’re a big part of it – there is a range of different tools now available that parents can use which were unimaginable just a few years ago.

GPS Tracking Devices

We’ve been using GPS in our cars for a while, but now prices of GPS tracking units have fallen so much, it’s possible to slap them on any old object. Cars, bikes, kids, toys, dogs – they can all be tagged and tracked in the event that they get lost, or in the worst case scenario, stolen or kidnapped.

Many of these modern GPS devices can be linked to your cell phone, allowing you to monitor the location of all your tagged objects from an app. You can also mount cameras to GPS devices, allowing you to monitor what your dogs or kids are getting up to, or who they’re with.

Alarm Systems

Homeowners think that alarm systems, like the Total Connect Security System, deter intruders from entering their homes. They think that if a burglar sees an alarm system, then they’ll usually pass on by and try their luck with a home that doesn’t have any security protection. Unfortunately, thanks to the fact that police response times to burglaries are so slow, thieves usually have time to enter, take your stuff and then be long gone by the time the police arrive. Even if your alarm system is connected directly to the police station, response times can be high.

There is, however, some good news. When home alarms go off, thieves don’t stay on your property for as long, meaning they have less time to steal stuff according to research. This, in turn, often means that you qualify for a discount on your home insurance, which is especially good news if you’re currently paying a lot for cover.

In case of a break-in or burglary attempt, you might also want to have some self-defense weapons in the house. Our friends at Shooting Mystery have recommendations for the best folding karambit and best spyderco knife for use in cases of emergency.

Video Intercom Systems

We all know that answering the door is not always a good idea, especially if it’s our kids who are left to make the decision whether to let a person in or not. That’s why so many families are now investing in video intercom systems. These systems allow homeowners to see and listen to people at their door without having to get up close to find out who it is. They’re designed to protect parents and families from strangers at the door who might have malicious intentions. There’s no need to go up to the door and use the peephole or try to figure out who the person standing there is by peering through the letterbox. Their image comes up bright and clear on the companion app so you can tell who it is instantly.

Child Abduction Alarms

For decades, the panic of losing a three-year-old child has become a rite of passage for many parents. We’ve all been there, frantically running around looking for a child that’s gone missing, ringing everyone in our phonebook to ask if they’ve seen them. But now there might be a solution, all thanks to technology. They’re called abduction alarms and are designed to be worn by children around their neck while the parents hold the receiver. The receiver is programmed to tell the parent when the child has strayed out of sensor range so that they can take immediate action to find them again and keep them close at all times. The makers of these systems say that they are a great way to curb chronic wandering.

Baby Monitor With Wireless Camera

Parents used to keep an eye on their babies from the next room using their ears. But this was never ideal, especially when babies got into trouble without making a noise. Now, though, technology has given birth to the baby monitor with a wireless camera. These systems are a step up from the audio-only baby monitors that hit the market a couple of decades ago by allowing parents to view their babies from their smartphones. Naturally, many of these systems come with night vision, enabling parents to see their sleeping child in the dark.

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