What Are The Most Common Health Conditions Affecting Young People?

What Are The Most Common Health Conditions Affecting Young People?

Today, we’re delving a little deeper into the health conditions that are most common in young people. When it comes to older adults, we’re much more aware of the health conditions that they face, such as osteoporosis and arthritis. However, when it comes to the health conditions that younger people face, many of us aren’t as clued up. So with that in mind, below is a list of three of the most common health conditions faced by young people.


Research has shown that one of the most common health conditions affecting young people is addiction. This tends to be addiction to either drugs or alcohol, with many young people abusing both of these substances. The problem with addiction is that it’s a lifelong health condition and not one that can simply be treated with a prescription from the doctor. Although dual diagnosis addiction rehab facilities help to treat addiction, there’s no guarantee that a young person who abuses drugs, alcohol, or both substances, will ever recover fully. It’s simply a case of taking one day at a time and ensuring that there is always support there for them, to help make the recovery process easier.


In young adults, suicide is the third most common cause of death, which is why depression should always be taken seriously. Often, it can be hard to diagnose depression in young people, as they don’t always show the most common symptoms and signs of suffering from this illness. However, signs that show a young person may be suffering from depression include them becoming withdrawn, distancing themselves from their friends, and drinking more alcohol than normal or trying drugs. The good news is that once diagnosed, depression can be effectively treated, either with prescription drugs or through therapy and support. It’s just a case of getting a diagnosis and getting the person affected, the treatment that they need.


Studies have shown that one in six young people will suffer from anxiety at some point in their lives. While many anxiety disorders are minor, anxiety can become a serious problem, especially when it starts to affect your life and stops you from doing things. Sometimes anxiety disorders become so severe that the person affected may struggle to leave the house. Symptoms of anxiety include feeling scared, nervous or panicky. Someone suffering from anxiety may also feel depressed, struggle to eat, and may find it hard to sleep at night. During a serious anxiety spell, a dry mouth, racing heart, trembling, fainting, and an upset stomach are all common symptoms. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic pill that can treat anxiety overnight. However, there are ways that anxiety can be dealt with effectively, allowing the sufferer to lead a normal life. The most effective treatment methods for anxiety include medication for depression and therapy. However, what works for one person may not work for another, so it does tend to be a case of trial and error.

So there you have it, a guide to the three most common health conditions affecting young people.

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