Your Boyfriend Shaves His Legs: What’s Your Reaction?

Your Boyfriend Shaves His Legs: What's Your Reaction?

One day you’re making dinner, and your boyfriend walks into the kitchen. The first thing you notice isn’t the smile he used to win you over when he asked you out, but the blinding gleam from his smooth and shiny legs. Your boyfriend has manscaped his legs, and they now rival yours as a pair of pins to be proud of. How do you react? Do you think it’s funny? Do you get annoyed with him? Perhaps it doesn’t bother you at all. What should your reaction be when your boyfriend does something like this?

Listen To Your Boyfriend

First thing’s first: don’t react like your boyfriend has just done something awful. Remain calm. Try to ask him in the most non judgmental way possible why he decided to shave his legs (you can tackle the issue of why he felt the need to use your razor later on). It may not necessarily be because he’s vain and wants to look more like a Ken doll. It might simply be because he felt his legs looked unkempt, and out of place with the rest of his body. When hair grows on men’s bodies, it can grow back different colors and look a little messy. It may even be because he wants to improve his sports performance. Many men find things like running and swimming easier when they don’t have much body hair slowing them down and making them feel uncomfortable.

If you did something unusual, you’d want him to listen to you and give you support. Make sure you do your best to do the same for him.

Research “Manscaping”

Many guys are turning to “manscaping” for different reasons these days. It’s actually quite in fashion, with men’s bare legs all over the catwalks recently. More and more men are even going to have their legs waxed or lasered like never before. However, manscaping doesn’t just refer to hair free legs. It can refer to grooming many different areas of the body. If your boyfriend wants to start doing this, be supportive and help him to figure out the best way to go about things. If you’re wondering, “what is manscaping according to the pros?” a little research will help you to find out everything you need to know.

Support Your Boyfriend’s Decisions

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; you need to support your boyfriend’s decisions. Pick your battles. Would you rather argue about the kind of school you want to send your future child to, or whether he has hair on his legs or not? This is something many women have an issue with; knowing what to bring up and what to let go. Really, whether your boyfriend has hair on his legs or not is insignificant. It isn’t important in the grand scheme of things, and if it makes him happy, you should allow it.

How would you react if your boyfriend shaved his legs? Would you recoil in horror or give him a loving pat on the back? Leave your thoughts below!

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