10 Essential Remedies & Vitamins for Menopause

5 Essential Remedies and Vitamins for Menopause

If a woman ceases to experience her menstruation, it is possible that she might be in her menopause. There are several problems that are caused by menopause; these problems include weight gain, hot flushes, incontinence and mood swings. Currently, treating the problems that are brought by menopause is quite easy due to the availability of various menopause medications like menopause pills. The following are some of the medications used to relieve the symptoms of menopause.


This is among the best remedies in the current market; it is used in controlling menopause through hormone therapy. Phytoestrogens are natural compounds that are extracted from plants; these compounds have properties that affect estrogenic activity in the body. Though most of the plant phytoestrogens don’t contain steroids, there are some that have small amounts of steroids that resemble the estrogens in the human body. Phytoestrogens work by helping the substances that affect estrogen activity or as mild estrogens.


Several individuals use herbal medications and find them beneficial in controlling the issues that are related to menopause. Below are some of the herbs that brings the best results in alleviating menopausal symptoms

Black cohosh

This is a herb that contains estrogen, it helps the uterus to reduce congestion, cramps and also relieve hot flushes.

Chaste tree

This herb is used in balancing the body hormones and to assist in easing the depression experience during menopause. The tree’s dried fruit is the one that is used part used for medication.


it works as an aphrodisiac that helps to eliminate sexual difficulties. The dried leaves of this herb are used as anti-depressants and pituitary regulators. However, as it can worsen the irritation in your urinary tract, it is not advisable to use it frequently.

Ginkgo biloba

The leaves of this herb contain some elements that help to improve oxygenation of body cells and blood circulation. It is also used to enhance memory and reduce depression.


This herb assists in improving the body’s immune system, strengthens the adrenal glands and boosts your energy levels. However, those who suffer from conditions related to blood pressure should avoid using the herb.


These hormones are produced by the adrenal glands and the ovaries. Progesterone acts as natural anti-depressants that assist in improving and upholding the mood. They are regularly used by physicians as a remedy for menopause. The hormones are also used in maintaining sleep and cognitive functions. In addition, they aid in keeping the blood vessels flexible by reducing inflammation. Several women choose to use progesterone pills instead of the frequently used creams.

Vitamin E

It is used to reduce virginal dryness and help in reducing the number of hot flushes. When it is taken in small amounts for about four months it can help eliminate problems that come with menopause.

Menopausal problems reduce the necessary vitamins in the body, for example, Vitamin C and B as well as other nutrients like Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium which may result in future problems

Dietary Changes

During menopause, it is important to take a well-balanced diet. A balanced diet aids in adjusting to the hormonal changes in your body. Various daily vitamins pill that contains both Calcium and Magnesium are available in the market. When taken together with Vitamin E and other herbal treatments the compounds will help you to control most menopausal problems.

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