10 Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier

10 Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, unavoidable situations will push you into moving out of your current house. Although settling in a new house gives you a fresh start, the entire process is very cumbersome. In fact, most people don’t know how to prepare themselves before they relocate. If you belong to such a league of people who wait until the last minute to put their things in order, you might take ages to find the things you use the most because you can’t remember where you kept them. Besides that, some of your delicate items such as bowls, cups and plates might be broken while moving out simply because you did not pack them well. Here are some of the things you should do to guarantee a stress free moving experience.

  1. Get a New Address

Before you relocate to a new house, it’s recommended that you acquire a new address. This is because you will not be getting your letters due to the fact that your old address will be used by the new tenant who will occupy the house that you are moving out from. In such a case, you will not be able to receive letters from your bank, insurance company and government agencies and many other institutions that matter the most to you. If you are on a tight schedule, you can delegate the task to US Postal Services Address Change. This will spare you from the problem of having to share an address with your neighbors.

  1. Install Internet Connection

Living in a house that’s not linked to the internet is boring. You should therefore make plans with the nearest internet service provider to have the internet installed before you move into the new house. This is because it’s hard to set up the cables when the house is already occupied. In fact, the internet should be up and running two weeks before you move into your new residence.

  1. Connect to Your Gas Supplier

You will still need gas for cooking and other uses. When you relocate to a new house, you should not use the gas before changing the name of the user. You should start by first terminating the connection and then reconnect with your name and contact details. This will ensure that the monthly bill doesn’t come with the name of the previous tenant or homeowner.

  1. Move Pets and Kids in Advance   

Pets and kids can be a distraction when you want to move into a new house. They tend to sit, lie or stand in the way when your stuff is being offloaded from the truck. You should therefore make plans for them to stay with either of your relatives and friends until you settle in the new house.

  1. Alert People About Your New Location

Relocating to a new neighborhood means that you will no longer use the same phone and address. However, if you don’t notify your friends about your new address and phone number, they will still try to communicate with you using the old contact details. You can keep in touch with old friends and family by just creating one email and sending it to the people in your circle at once.

  1. Pack Assembly Tools

It’s obvious that you will disassemble some of your furniture and other things using allen keys and screw drivers. Assembling them after unpacking can be a daunting task if you can’t find the tools that are needed to tighten screws and nuts. It’s therefore advisable to put such tools in one transparent bag so that you don’t waste time while looking for them.

  1. Update Your Home Insurance

When you move out of a house, your home insurance becomes null and void. This means that the insurance company can not compensate you if your new house is damaged by fire and other disasters. You should therefore get a new insurance cover for the new home to be on the safe side.

  1. Clean the House

You should not move into a new house before it has been cleaned. This is because the accumulated dust and debris can make your things get dirty. Besides that, the dirt could be harboring bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases. You should actually hire a professional cleaner to clean the entire house including windows, carpets, curtains and rugs.

  1. Get Your Spare Keys

It’s very easy to misplace your original keys after moving into a house. In fact, you might forget to carry them on your way out which means you will have to break into the house when you return. You can spare yourself from such trouble by cutting a set of spare keys for everyone that lives with you. If you live alone, you can give one of the spare key to a close friend or relative.

  1. Put Your Basics in One Labeled Box

Moving into a new house can be very tiring. In fact, you may not have any energy to unpack all the things on the first day. On the other hand, you will need to change into clean clothes after taking a bath and fix a cup of coffee in the evening to keep you refreshed. It’s therefore recommended you arrange such stuff in one large labeled box so you don’t have to open almost every box to get them.

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