Awesome Reasons To Leave The Big City

Awesome Reasons To Leave The Big City

There’s no doubt that big city life is exciting, fun, and has many benefits. And, when you are young, free and single, it is doubtful that there is anywhere better to live. However, when you start thinking about having a family, there might be better options for you. Here are our top five reasons for leaving city life and heading off to a smaller, quieter town.


First of all, the cost of living in a major city can be enormous. You’ll be paying a lot of money to live in a small apartment when the same price could get you a four-bed house in the sticks. There is a balance, of course – your travel costs will leap up when you move to the countryside or commute every day. But, if you want more space and access to cheaper goods, you will be better off in a smaller town.


As you get older, you will want a quieter pace to your way of life. There are only so many enormous grey buildings you can see before yearning for a more natural environment. And, when you live smack bang in the centre of a bustling city, you can often feel closed in and claustrophobic. In smaller towns, you can be out in the countryside or near a beach in minutes, the air quality tends to be better, and there are fewer people around. Sure, it may not have the exciting nightlife you are used to – but your quality of life will improve in many cases.

Job Opportunities

Working for a large firm in a big city gives you plenty of advantages when it comes to getting a job in a new town. For a start, you could commute, and keep your old job. But, if you want to work locally, your experience will be recognized, and help you stand out from other competitors. It’s worth getting in touch with a local employment agency to see what is available. So, if you are planning a move to Jersey, for example, getting in touch with companies similar to Rowlands Recruitment might give you a headstart. Your old big city wage could also come in handy when it comes to negotiating a salary for your new job, too. While you can’t expect to command the same rates as you would in London, for example, you can certainly stake your claim for more.


In general terms, schools in the major cities are much more of a mixed bag. Population density is one of the most significant factors, of course. So, in smaller towns, you might find that things are a lot better regarding schools for your children. Class sizes tend to be smaller, and there are far fewer distractions for your kids.


Finally, when you are away from the hustle and bustle of big city life, you will have more time to form your own point of view on life. It’s just less stressful – and you have a lot more space to be yourself.

Have you made the move from a big city to a smaller town? Let us know your experiences in the comments section below!

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