3 Alternative Social Media Channels That Your Business Should Be Utilizing

3 Alternative Social Media Channels That Your Business Should Be Utilizing

Social media is massive in business right now, as I’m sure many of you know. It is an incredibly useful tool that companies across the world are utilizing as they seek to do business better. However, a lot of social media platforms are seemingly underused. We all know about the Facebooks and the Twitters of this world. Thus, here are the alternative social media channels that your business should begin utilizing, today. Check out below, and also see this social media audit template:


Snapchat is massive in terms of its adoption with young people, however, it hasn’t had the same effect with businesses. Now, this is a surprise. Snapchat is a incredibly popular tool and as a result, has millions and millions of users. These users should be look at as potential customers. Some companies have made great use of Snapchat’s relatively new Discover feature. With it, they can curate and create news content to share through the social media service. This is ideal if your business puts out a lot of content to its clients. It is pricey to hold a Snapchat Discover channel, but ultimately, very much worth it! Snapchat is therefore a left-of-field consideration for many businesses.


This should be an obvious one. While LinkedIn is very much considered alternative to a lot of generic social media users, it is very popular with businesses. It should, therefore, be taken very seriously. If you are considering your social media marketing budget, then be sure to allocate time and funds to run a successful LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is the professional social network where potential employees can be headhunted. Also, important B2B connections can be made with the service. Do not underrate this incredible tool. Be sure to pay for the LinkedIn premium service as it offers a number of significant upgrades on the free version. Ultimately, if you’re big on LinkedIn, you’re going to be seen as a big deal in the business world – so jump on it!


Now, Periscope is largely unheard of in most parts. The Twitter-owned company provides live video streaming services to its users, all through the simple tap of a button. This can be really, really useful. It integrates well with your Twitter following. So, those who follow your Twitter account will easily be able to find you should they download the app. This app is readily available for iOS and Android devices. The point of this service is to live stream events. This is ideal if you have a big digital following that is far larger than the number of people you could fit in an events room. You could broadcast business talks online to your followers. Alternatively, you may even broadcast snapshots of an event that you are running that is in a less accessible location. This, in turn, will help your client base feel better connected your company as a business. Football clubs are successfully utilizing this service for better engagement with their fans. It’s great!

Hopefully, this post has been useful in its illustration of a few of the best and most underrated social media channels out there. Give all three a go – you won’t regret it!

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