Couples Counseling and Relationship Therapy Techniques

Couples Counseling and Relationship Therapy Techniques

If you’re married, in a relationship, or even having trouble with a friend, couple’s therapy can help you. Couple’s therapy isn’t just for relationships that are unsalvageable; plenty of great couples may need a counselor to help guide them and help them be better people. A counselor can help remind you and your partner why you’re meant to be. Here are some techniques a relationship counselor may use to help you.

Gottman Method

This is a newer therapy technique in the grand scheme of counseling, but it’s growing for a reason. The Gottman Method teaches couples that conflict is okay in relationships, and you need to learn how to manage instead of want to be in the right. Also, the Gottman Method deals with love maps, explaining the needs and fears of you and your partner.

Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy

Also known as EFT. This form of therapy works well for couples, family, or anyone who has a troubling relationship. It helps you manage your emotional responses. When you get into a conflict, the flying emotions can be your downfall. Teaching couples how they can manage their emotions better is important, and that’s why EFT is successful

Online Therapy

With online therapy, those who are having trouble getting help may feel more comfortable than face to face therapy. In fact, many online therapy sites offer chat sessions without video. Those who are camera shy can text online with their therapist, email, or speak on the telephone. Some of the best online therapy sites offer all these options as well as video conferencing.

Positive Therapy

Another reason why relationships fail is because of negativity. Couples think about the bad when they could be thinking about the good and why they love each other to begin with. This is where positive therapy comes in. It teaches couples that there are many positive reasons why they still love each other, and to be more mindful of positivity in general.

Improving Communication

One big reason why couples and relationships in general fail is because of miscommunication. Sometimes, you mean no harm, but your spouse interpreted a comment you made as something malicious. Other times, you get frustrated because you want to explain something to your partner and they just don’t seem to get it.

Improving communication so that both of you are on the same page is one of the best ways you can have a better relationship.

Figuring Out Your Unconscious

Sometimes, the problems you’re facing aren’t due to your spouse, but because of an unconscious reason. Perhaps something your spouse does reminds you of a family member you dislike, or something reminds you of childhood trauma. A counselor can investigate this by asking questions and trying to pick into your unconscious brain. If you discover there’s an unconscious reason for your undesired behavior with your spouse, you can be more mindful and make steps to improve yourself.

So if you’re looking into therapy, perhaps searching for physiotherapy gold coast, there’s no shame in talking to a counselor. Relationship therapy means that you’re looking to improve communication and help understand your partner better. It does not mean that you’re on the rocks with your spouse. Talk to a counselor and see how you can improve your relationship. Chances are, your relationship can go back to being passionate, yet logical in how you communicate.

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