How To Revive A Struggling Relationship

How To Revive A Struggling Relationship

Not every relationship works out. Sometimes, despite your best intentions at the beginning, love can fade. Where once you talked romantically to one another, with positive hopes for the future, things change. Resentments build up. Arguments happen at the slightest provocation. Life takes different paths for the both of you. In some cases, one or both of you cheat on the other. In those cases, the relationship may be beyond repair. But where there is a chance to make things work, when there is a little bit of light left, despite the darkness that has befallen your relationship, take every step to revive it.

In this article, we will give you a few helpful tips to revive your struggling relationship. While we don’t know what has happened to cause a breakdown between you and your partner, these tried and tested tips should be attempted, along with couples counselingbefore you consider calling an attorney for a cooperative divorce settlement. Sometimes, love needs a second chance, so consider the following.

  1. Start talking to each other again

By talking, we don’t mean yet another battle of words, spoken with anger and frustration. We are talking about selfless conversations, where you ask your partner how they are feeling, and taking an interest in their life. We are talking about sitting down together, with a mediator if need be, and speaking honestly about where things have gone wrong within the relationship. In all your conversations, listen to what each other has to say, try and understand their point of view, and respond in a calm and respectful manner. Then continue talking over the days and weeks to come, not avoiding confrontations, but dealing with them in a manner befitting of a grown-up.

  1. Think back to the beginning

Why did you fall in love with this person in the first place? What qualities did they possess that you admired and appreciated? List them, and remember the happy times before everything turned sour. You might even do this as an exercise together, perhaps by visiting those places where you used to hang out, and talking about the ‘good old times.’ By remembering those halcyon days, you may be inspired to find ways to get back to them, despite the ways life may have changed in the meantime.

  1. Mark time together on your calendar

The reason many relationships break down is because of the general busyness of life. Work gets in the way, especially if one or both halves of the relationship have to work long hours. Family life can also get in the way, and despite the joys that children bring, you will find yourself spending less time alone with your other half. So make an effort to change this. While it seems forced, you may have to make time on a calendar to have that time together. Hire a childminder for the kids, book time off work, and arrange to do something special that you will both enjoy. By being together more, you can start to enjoy each other’s company without the distractions that normally prevail.


We aren’t relationship counselors, but we hope our simple advice helped. When you are struggling, follow our tips, and seek further help from qualified professionals. As we said, not every relationship lasts forever, but if there is hope for you, do all you can to fix your relationship before it falls into further disrepair.

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