4 Crazy Celebrity Death Theories that will Give You Shivers

4 Crazy Celebrity Death Theories that will Give You Shivers

Celebrities are often loved and hated with passion. Everyone is eager to follow their personal lives and see what they did last night, so they are always followed by journalists, gossip and rumors. From the day one person becomes a celebrity, they are being watched by the entire world. And even after they die they get the same amount of fame, if not higher. There are many crazy celebrity death theories out there! Here are some of the most interesting ones, taken from Dead or Kicking.

Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston

Probably the craziest theory on this list is the one surrounding Whitney Houston’s death. Story goes that Whitney Houston was killed by the Illuminati as a fertility sacrifice, to make room for Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay Z’s daughter. According to this Whitney Houston death rumor, all famous singers have to make an alliance inside the Illuminati to stay popular. At the time of her death, Houston was poor and mostly forgotten, which people assume it meant she had fallen out of favor in the Illuminati cult, which made her a perfect target for a sacrifice. At the same time, Ivy is associated with fertility, which fuels the crazy theory, given the name of Beyonce’s daughter.

Robin WilliamsRobin Williams

Williams was one of the most beloved Hollywood stars and his sudden, untimely death shocked a lot of people. After making the entire planet laugh, Robin Williams committed suicide on 11th August 2014. Just hours after his death rumors began to spread that he was actually murdered by the Illuminati. The show Family Guy was also involved in these crazy rumors. Before William’s death, an episode of Family Guy had been broadcast by BBC, where the main character has the power to turn everything he touches into Robin Williams. Twitter users rushed to say this was the prediction of William’s death.

Paul WalkerPaul Walker

Paul Walker, the handsome and popular star of Fast and Furious series died in a car accident in 2013. His friend Roger Rodas was driving a Porsche GT and lost control of the vehicle, which crashed into a tree. Both men died on the spot when the car burst into flames.

Conspiracy theories about Paul Walker’s death were more than crazy. One of them says that Walker discovered a secret about the relief effort for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, where he was involved at the time. The secret involved money laundry, which Walker planned to stop, but he was killed before he could do anything about it.

brittany murphyBrittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy’s death was a shock, but it was ruled out as natural, the actress being the victim of a combo between anemia and pneumonia. The same year, only three months after her death, her husband also died from the same cause. Moreover, three months prior to Murphy’s death, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton predicted the actress’ death.

As anyone can see, being a celebrity means people are going to talk about you long after you are gone. How they do it is something only the future can tell.

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