7 Ways to Avoid Nighttime Leaks Without Expensive Overnight Diapers

7 Ways to Avoid Nighttime Leaks Without Expensive Overnight Diapers

Sometimes diapers can become frustrating in as much as they are expensive to keep buying. One of the reason is because of the materials that may have been used to make them and therefore they keep on leaking at night.

This becomes disturbing since one can keep on changing the brands without success.

Another reason for overnight leaks may be caused by a heavy wetter,the baby may be naturally a heavy wetter and the diapers may not be strong enough to accommodate heavy wetting. In such instances there are several one can devise ways of avoiding nighttime leaks.

This can be done as detailed below:

  1. Adding a disposable liner to boost the absorbency rate- When changing just before the baby sleeps, add a double liner to the diaper provided it will be comfortable when the baby has put it on and try to test if it will hold more urine.
  2. Carry out a research and ensure that the brand you are using best fits your child. If it is not absorbent enough, change to a different brand and of course research from the already experienced mothers who have used different brands before.

This will enable one to make a decision based on others experience.

  1. When changing the diaper, let it face backwards, most often children love sleeping on their bellies and they tend to carry so much urine from the front. Most often the diaper is made up such that the back side has more materials to absorb the pee than the front side and as such if the reverse is done, it might help without adding any more cost to the already existing diapers.
  2. After putting the diaper, add a cloth diaper which is not heavy or a waterproof material that will accommodate some urine during the night. There are options in the stores which may look bulky but in the actual sense they are very comfortable for the baby and will contribute to having restful nights.
  3. Reduce liquid intake especially in the evening just before bedtime.

This is because the more liquids the child takes the more urine will be produced and as such the best thing is to give liquids early during the day and only give when it is very necessary.

  1. Develop a habit of changing the diaper in the middle of the night.

This may be bothersome and may even make the baby wake up when changing but it helps in reduced leaking if not complete leaking. The overnight diapers sometimes, may not be fully absorbent for the baby therefore may keep leaking (if you want to look for a good overnight diaper for your baby, read this article).

  1. Potty train the baby such that just before putting on the diapers so that as the baby sleeps he will have an empty bladder and will spend some time without peeing which will end up preventing leakage.


Babies will remain babies and parents need to understand that at one time they will mature and stop messing themselves and whenever they pee in bed and leakages occur, it’s good to understand and make sure that the beddings are cleaned and the baby is fully changed in order to make his life easier and enjoyable.

The article was written by Sophia Nguyen of healthybabyhappyearth.com.

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