Fun Technology Traps That Protect Your Home

You’ve been working hard all these years to get to where you want to live, not just to make sure the essentials have been taken care of but the luxuries too. How would you feel if you were broken into and you arrived at a ransacked home? Apart from the immediate concern about your own personal safety, you would then drift off to caring for your possessions. It wouldn’t really be that long until you felt violated spiritually. Someone broke into the one place on this earth that can and should expect to be completely safe. Okay, enough of the mood-killing talk, what can you do? In fact, safety can be fun and adventurous, and you just need to be imaginative and open to trying new techniques.

Digital peephole

We’ve all heard of the stories that if someone is standing outside, they can look through your peephole and spy on you. It’s not necessarily true or untrue; it depends on the design of the peephole. Regardless, you still have to do things the old-fashioned way by peering through yourself to see what or who is on the other side. Technology makes this simpler by creating a solution that can literally work by the touch of a button. Various products are out there, with the general practice of installing a small medium-quality camera on the outward facing side of the peephole. It is then connected via a wire to a digital LCD screen on the side of the home. With a simple touch of the button, the screen awakes and turns on the camera to show you who is knocking. Make sure you have the correct specifications for what you need as most run off of AA batteries and vary in lifespan before needing a change. The same goes for the resolution as it’s no good going through the trouble of installing a digital peephole for the image to be grainy and low quality.

The all-seeing eyeThe all-seeing eye

Even if you haven’t suffered a break-in, put yourself in the shoes of someone who is going through it right now. The police are at their door, and they say they want to help, but they need a description. None of your neighbors were home at the time, and there’s no security footage available. You would think this wouldn’t happen in a civilized society, but yes, even the police cannot help you sometimes. Imagine how helpless you feel that you won’t get your things back or catch the horrible people who broke into your home? There’s nothing quite like being caught in the act, which is why you should consider a CCTV installation. The professionals will come to view your home and see where the best positions would be to cover all the blind spots and begin installing 1080p HD-CCTV cameras. You can access what they are watching on your smartphone and tablet from wherever you are.

Many Consumers Still Skeptical About Home Security Technology reports that many consumers are still skeptical about smart home security and are more confident in traditional solutions than cutting-edge hardware communicating via the Internet, according to a new survey conducted by PCMag. The research itself is not completely representative of all people, rather the results were gathered based on opinions from approximately 1,500 PCMag readers on home automation technologies and related fields. However, it provides color on how a portion of tech-savvy consumers feels about the idea of connected homes. Only 34-percent of respondents said they deem smart home devices suitable for keeping their households safe, whereas almost everyone else placed more faith in traditional solutions such as neighborhood watch patrols, conventional home security systems, and police activity.

Before you close your front door to go to work, can you put your hand on your heart and say you’ve done everything you can to protect your home? Many of us worry in the back of our mind that we haven’t. Modern security technology will do the worrying for you instead!

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