4 Facts about DHT Blockers That You Should Know About

4 Facts about DHT Blockers That You Should Know About

DHT is a hormone that’s made from testosterone in your body. When you have high levels of DHT in the body, you will eventually start losing hair. This is because the hormone affects the follicles that cause hair to grow on your head and other parts of the body without defects. In fact, too much DHT is believed to be the major cause of baldness in most men. You can check out this huge guide to men’s hairloss at groomandstyle.com.

Technological advancements have led to the production of DHT blockers. Just like the name suggests, they work by preventing DHT from accumulating in your body. These blockers are available in the form of supplements and shampoos. Most people use DHT blockers without knowing the science behind them. Below are some facts about DHT blockers that are worth noting.

  1. Results Start Showing in a Month

When you start using DHT blockers, you should not expect the results to start showing after a couple of days. You have to use them consistently for at least a month for your hair to regain its health. This is due to the fact that DHT is produced by the body every other day. If you use the hormone supplements for a few days and then stop, you will not be able to counter the production of DHT.

In fact, it’s recommended you start using DHT blockers the moment you start experiencing hair loss. If you see a lot of hair in the comb or in the bathroom, you should consider buying one of the best blockers in the market. The worst mistake you can make is to allow the loss of hair to persist. This is because you will end up having a bald patch in the head. As a matter of fact, baldness in late stages can only be remedied through follicle implants.

  1. Natural DHT Blockers are the Best

There are synthetic and natural DHT blockers. Although both types work the same way, there have been controversies surrounding synthetic DHT blockers. Such blockers are believed to contain toxic ingredients that cause them to have serious side effects. Some of the side effects that have been adversely mentioned include reduced interest in sex due to low libido and prostate cancer. DHT is actually the hormone that causes every man to be sexually active. Besides that, the hormone contributes to the growth of sexual organ in males at an early age. Natural DHT blockers are arguably the best because they don’t interfere with other functions of the body.

  1. They are Developed by Dermatologists  

The first people to produce DHT blockers were dermatologists. Perhaps it’s because they are the most knowledgeable professionals on skin matters. Reputable brands are actually developed by dermatologists. Besides that, they are made in laboratories that meet the standards of FDA. When you use blockers that are made by crème dela crème, you will rarely experience weird side effects.

  1. They are Affordable

DHT blockers that are made by reputable manufacturers are affordable. They don’t come with a high price tag as we are made to believe. You can therefore remedy hair loss by buying these blockers at slashed prices. In fact, most dealers have had to reduce their slices due to competition in the marketplace. For more insights on DHT blockers, check out this article.

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