What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

Many women possess beautiful, flowing hair that men and women find incredibly gorgeous. Unfortunately there are factors that can negatively impact the growth of hair in women. Hair loss in women that is occurring at a rate faster than normal is cause for concern. Causes for hair loss in women could be due to diseases, hormonal imbalances, medications and stress.

Hair normally tends to grow at a rate of approximately ½ an inch every month. Typically 90% of the hair on a woman’s head will be growing while the remaining 10% stays in a non-growing dormant phase. After two to three months the hair currently in the dormant stage will fall out and those areas will begin to regenerate hair. Hair loss in women occurs when those cycles fail to take place at the typical intervals.

Women concerned about potential hair loss are advised to make an appointment with their doctors. It may be necessary to see a dermatologist next depending on the first doctor’s diagnosis. Here are some other common factors for hair loss in women:

Aging – This is an obvious factor and not one that can really be controlled. Hair growth does tend to slow down as a woman gets older.

Chemicals used on hair – There are many hair products such as dyes and straightening chemicals that are perfectly safe for hair when used properly. However, using these products in an incorrect manner or using them too often may lead to hair loss in women.

Female pattern baldness – Few women suffer from this condition but it can be devastating when it occurs. It commonly happens when the women is suffering from sort type of hormonal imbalance, especially when a woman enters menopause.

Poor nutrition – Hair follicles can actually experience shock when a woman maintains a poor diet for an extended time period. A lack of important vitamins and minerals can cause the body to shift the need for hair growth to more important areas of the body.

Pregnancy – Sometimes hormone levels increase in a woman while she is pregnant. That can actually cause retention in hair during the pregnancy. Unfortunately this could also cause a higher level of hair falling out down the road.

Use of rubber bands and other items on the hair – Constant use of barrettes and rubber bands to tie the hair back can damage hair follicles. Worse, if the hair is pulled too tight when using these items traction alopecia can occur as a result. This condition can actually cause permanent hair loss in women.

Fortunately hair loss in women does not have to be a permanent situation. Take a look at a couple of steps a woman can take to slow down hair loss in women and promote hair growth:

Anti-inflammatory injections and steroid creams – A doctor must prescribe this treatment that will help the hair follicles to relax. As long as the woman does not react in a negative manner to prescriptions this is a solution that may work to prevent hair loss in women.

Creams and lotions – There are plenty of over-the-counter products available today that are useful for women with thinning hair and women affected by hair loss due to hereditary causes. These topical creams are generally rubbed into the scalp.

Wigs and surgery are options as well, but wigs are simply a way to mask hair loss in women and surgery should only be considered as an absolute last alternative. It is important to remain cognizant of the factors that could lead to hair loss in women and try the suggested solutions early to combat this problem.

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