Hairstyles for Women that Create a Slimmer Face

One of the areas of the body women tend to focus on when in the process of losing weight is the face. Diet and exercise are critical to significant weight loss, but sometimes the occasion arises when creating the illusion of a slim face is critical. There are certain hairstyles for women that are perfect for the woman that wants a slimmer face.

When determining if a woman has a slim face she needs to consider the actual shape of the face. A slim face is oval-shaped with a length approximately 1½ times the width and the jaw line slightly narrower than the forehead. Women that possess a round face will have a face that is approximately the same width and height. Masking this look is the purpose of hairstyles for women that create a slimmer face.

A haircut that is smooth and close to the head is an example of hairstyles for women that can generate the illusion of a slim face. A little bit of height on the top will help as well, but this is something to do in moderation. Clear-cut bangs should be avoided for women that possess a round face. Hairstyles for women with that characteristic will actually have the opposite effect and cause the face to look even more round.

Hairstyles for women seeking a slim face can utilize creative color and highlighting to achieve that goal. A nice contrast in the color of the hair creates shading which in turn creates the illusion of slimming. Do some research to find the right combination of creams, gels and sprays that make it possible to create the most flattering look. Accessories such as ponytail holders when used properly can also create hairstyles for women that create the look of a slim face.

These simple steps can help any woman create the beautiful look she desires. There are many hairstyles for women that are perfect for the woman wanting the look of a slim face. Experiment to find the right hairstyle for you!

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