Discover How Asian Women Look Younger Longer

There is a common theory many believe that Asian women tend to look younger for a longer period of time than women from other races. Whether one tends to believe this theory to be true or thinks that this is simply a stereotype is irrelevant. The fact remains that Asian women possess a look that radiates youth and enables many Asian women to appear to be far younger than their actual age.

What is the difference between women of the western part of the world compared to ladies that live in Asia? A big difference is the fact that women that live in the United States and other areas in the West seem to focus much of their energy on using lotions and potions that are geared to improve the outer appearance. Following this style of beauty therapy these women can do many things that will make the skin appear smooth and cause women to look young for a certain period of time. The problem with this type of therapy is chemical filled products only serve to mask the aging process. Changes due to age can only be held at bay for so long before the natural order of things begins to have its way with any woman.

Asian women focus on maintaining a healthy and beautiful body from the inside, using natural resources that complement the natural manner in which the body ages. This manner of doing things gives Asian women a distinct advantage in maintaining a youthful appearance for decades.

Women from China have used pearl powder for generations to slow the aging process. The combination of amino acids, minerals, proteins and trace elements enables the skin to rejuvenate itself in a natural manner. Pearl powder is a powerful substance that helps Asian women battles skin issues such as blemishes, large pores and wrinkles.

Indonesian women have been known to use the milk and oil from coconuts to keep hair shiny and soft in the same manner hair conditioner does. The ingredients from coconuts are also ideal when treating acne and dry skin.

Asian women from Japan use Wakame seaweed to keep the hyaluronic acid levels in skin high. This helps prevent skin that sags and dark circles. Eating Wakame seaweed also helps Japanese women decrease the risk of breast cancer, facilitate weight loss and lower blood pressure.

The ginseng plant in Korea is used by these Asian women to add a powerful ingredient to shampoos and conditioners, creating shinier hair and hair that does not tangle. Ginseng can also be used on the face to battle dark circles and lines around the eyes, as well as serving as a tonic to assist in better metabolism.

Women from Thailand use the Tumeric spice to treat acne, dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. This spice will slow down the aging process and leave the skin looking marvelous by decreasing wrinkles.

Asian women have learned to use the natural resources of their continent to maintain a beautiful appearance that lasts for years. Rather than spend lots of money going through multiple surgeries and purchasing expensive lotions Asian women practice the theory of maintaining their natural beauty using natural means!

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  1. Actually, I think most Asian women look young because of their features. Their face shapes tend to look child-like. Their faces are also usually pretty fatty which also helps to sustain a youthful appearance.

    I’m not Asian, but I look 15 (I’m 22) because of my features and I also have a fatty face which gives me a higher chance of having less wrinkles by the time I reach 50. I use my mother as evidence.

    They also have small body structures, which I also have.

    Though the food they eat plays a huge part in sustaining youth, it’s mainly their appearance in general that makes them appear young.

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