Determining the Ideal Weight for Women

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Women have very specific ideas of what their ideal weight should be. However there is a severe misconception with this figure most of the time. Ask just about any woman and she will tell you that her current weight is above what she should weigh. The question those women need to ask is what really is the ideal weight for women?

The preconceived notion that “thinner is better” in terms of what truly is the ideal weight for women is nonsense. Unfortunately the media pushes society hard to believe this theory. Supermodels are on television and in movies. Commercials show women that are in incredible shape performing the most trivial of tasks. The message that women are being given by the media is that “normal women” have body fat percentages that are miniscule and that eating tiny portions of food is the healthy alternative.

Proper diet and a good exercise program are healthy living options, recommended by any physician, dietician and trainer. An excess of unhealthy food and an excess of being lazy and not performing any physical exercise at all is definitely not a healthy way of life. However, the converse applies as well. An excess of exercise coupled with an excess of not taking enough nutrition in to the body can be just as detrimental.

There are several reasons why some women are going to have a natural weight that is above their perception of an ideal weight. Body composition, body frame, bone structure and genetics all play significant roles in what a woman will weigh. The other factor to remember is the difference between a woman’s and a man’s frame. The female body must be more round than a male’s because the body and its hormones would not function properly. This is a proven medical theory, not a myth that women can simply ignore.

Therefore, rather than focusing on ideal weight for women the ladies should be focusing on healthy and attainable weight numbers. Maintaining a good, healthy diet that balances carbohydrates and proteins while minimizing the amount of fat is a good start. An exercise program that can be followed consistently is another good step. Create a weight loss goal that is realistic, not one so dramatic and severe that discouragement easily settles in when the goal is not achieved quickly.

This brings up one more important point. Ideal weight for women should not be about reaching a goal in as fast a manner as possible. Many people lose weight quickly by adhering to a brutal diet then quickly put the pounds back on because maintaining that intense of a pace was simply too tough. A weight loss plan that is gradual will enable women to achieve that ideal weight for women much easier.

Ladies that are seeking the elusive ideal weight for women simply need to relax and create a game plan that is simple and attainable. Make losing weight a fun process rather than a terrible chore!

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