The Three Best Types of Grants for Women

Grant money is money awarded to an individual for personal or professional use that does not have to be paid back. Typically grant money is awarded for creating businesses or going to college. There are many grants for women that give ladies the opportunity to partake in these activities and other options as well. The trick is for women to take the time to search for different types of grants for women and find a grant that best suits their particular needs.

Whether a lady is searching for grants for women that can provide funding to participate in the arts on a greater level, engage in scientific or technological research, take classes in college or start a new business, there are plenty of grants for women that different organizations have created for those purposes. Once an organization has created a grant to be awarded for a specific purpose they are willing to assist with, a woman simply needs to submit an application that clearly states the specific objective that the grant money would be used for, along with a pledge to only use that grant money for attaining the stated goal.

There are three common types of grants for women available. Each category involves a unique person or persons awarding the grant money.

Corporate Grants – Businesses are willing to award grant money when there is a reasonable chance that the work done with the grant income will benefit the company down the road. Companies are also willing to provide grants for women when the work done will provide positive exposure for the company. Some examples of businesses that award corporate grants include Boeing, General Electric and Microsoft.

Private Grants – It is fairly common for celebrities and other high-profile individuals to create private grants for women that address causes those people have. The awarding of private grants often times serves the purpose of painting the giver of the grant money in a more positive light to the general public. Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffet are three great examples of celebrities using their status and money to create grants for women.

Professional Grants – Colleges, universities and non-profit organizations often times create professional grants for women that specifically speak to the work of that particular organization. These grants for women facilitate career advancement and education for the recipients of the grants for women.

The number of grants for women is in a constant state of flux, so take the time to carefully research what grants are available at different times of the year. Ladies that remain persistent have a better opportunity of eventually finding grants for women that meet their needs!

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