Government Grants for Women Create New Opportunities

The United States government and other organizations provide millions of dollars of grant money for independent business people looking to improve their company or create a new business from scratch. There are many different kinds of government grants for women that give women this great opportunity to create vital businesses in their communities. What is truly incredible is just how much free money is available in government grants for women, a total that is close to $20 billion.

Grant money does not need to be paid back! Women that are awarded government grants for women can take that money and utilize it to start up a new business and properly maintain it to create a prosperous company. These grants assist women that had left the workforce for an extended period of time to raise a family or already have an existing business and need help expanding into a larger market.

There are a number of different types of government grants for women. These grants do not require an application fee when applying for the grant and if a woman is awarded the funding she may freely use the money as she wishes without needing to pay the grant money back. Here are a few different types of government grants for women:

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  • Business expansion grants for women
  • Business start-up grants for women
  • Grants for low-income women
  • Grants for single mothers
  • Home-based business grants for women
  • Regular business grants for women
  • Small business grants for women


It is important to remember that while there are a number of government grants for women available, there are plenty of women applying for the same grants. Remember to take the time to completely fill out any grant application and provide complete information to ensure you have a greater chance of being rewarded the grant money. Be positive for there is approximately $20 billion in government grants for women and you could benefit from that money! Create a solid business plan and apply for several different government grants for women to get your business started!

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