Theories About Shopping for Women’s Shoes

Are there actual scientific reasons why women enjoy shopping for women’s shoes so much? This may seem like an absurd theory but there are some professionals that actually feel that a woman’s desire for women’s shoes goes well beyond a simple desire to have a new pair of shoes to wear. These people believe that there are definite physical, mental and emotional responses that occur within the body during the process of buying women’s shoes.

First, while a lady is trying on different women’s shoes there is a neurotransmitter by the name of dopamine released in the body. Dopamine is somewhat like a drug that produces the type of high that addicts originally enjoy. This theory was created by Martin Lindstrom, author of Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy. The reason women find it easy to rationalize owning many pairs of women’s shoes is the fact shoes are worn every day. Shirts, shorts, pants, socks and underwear are generally worn one time before the clothes are put in the laundry basket. Women’s shoes can be worn over and over, making it easier for women to buy many pairs.

There is also a theory stating that collecting women’s shoes occurs due to the stimulation of an area of the brain’s prefrontal cortex termed the collecting spot. Basically the mind creates a rush of adrenaline when new women’s shoes are bought since there is a new opportunity to collect something. Compare this thought process to a baseball card collector that gets his hands on a rare Honus Wagner card or a record collector that finds a rare pressing of an album worth lots of money.

High heels are women’s shoes that possess special intrigue. Since people tend to associate height with power, women associate high heels with an increase in status. This thought process makes perfect sense since only women of great wealth and power wore high heels during previous centuries. What is extremely interesting is how shoes with even more height such as stilettos create a feeling of sexual intrigue and power in a woman.

These are just a few interesting theories created to try and explain why owning a large quantity of women’s shoes is so stimulating to women. There does seem to be some basis supporting the theory that owning more women’s shoes could be a stimulus for a greater sex drive. This is an odd theory but an interesting idea nonetheless.

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