Women’s Boots are Now Fun and Functional

Boots used to only be worn for utilitarian purposes, specific footwear designed to keep a woman’s feet warm and protected from the elements. Boots serve the same purpose today but manufacturers now create women’s boots that serve the same useful purposes and look stylish at the same time. Ladies have an extensive selection of women’s boots to choose from today.

Rain boots – Ladies that live in areas of the country such as Seattle, Washington are sure to have a pair of rain boots in their closet. These women’s boots no longer need to be a simple pair of wellies, the name given to practical rain boots. Rain boots can be as low as ankle length and as high as knee length. These women’s boots are still constructed in a manner to keep the feet dry in a rainstorm. Fashionable rain boots will more than likely be twice as expensive as wellies, so keep your eye out for sales and buy the rain boots during the summer months if possible to save some money.

Knee high boots – This style of women’s boots can portray either a seductive or elegant look depending on the clothing worn with the knee high boots. Ladies that need to express a professional look can wear knee high boots with a dress while skinny jeans create that tougher, more casual look. Make sure to have a black or brown pair since these neutral colors are perfect for most clothes.

Hiking boots – This casual style of women’s boots are perfect for everyday walking or hiking on trails for exercise. The rise in the popularity of hiking has caused many companies to create several different styles in a wide variety of colors. Therefore, these women boots can be found everywhere, so take the time to shop around and find a style that suits you at a cost that makes you happy. A good pair of hiking boots will have plenty of eyelets for proper ankle support and extra traction on the sole.

Fur-lined bootsWomens boots lined with fur are not created for utilitarian purposes such as for use in wet and snowy weather. These boots were solely created for fashion purposes. Ladies have been known to wear fur-lined boots with jeans and sweatpants. Due to the fact these women’s boots are so popular the cost of them is generally pretty expensive.

Ankle boots – Booties are too tall to be considered shoes but not high enough to be considered classic boots. The great thing about this style of women’s boots is the flexibility and compatibility. Ankle boots complement virtually any style of clothing. However, the size of these boots also makes them difficult to wear and is not recommended for women with bigger calves.

Keep in mind the fact that as with most things you get what you pay for, so paying a little more to purchase women’s boots made of leather or suede will be a better investment long term. It is also recommended to use some type of waterproof agent on the boots once they have been bought to encourage a longer shelf life.

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