4 Mistakes You Make When Opting for a Low Carb Diet

4 Mistakes You Make When Opting for a Low Carb Diet

Low carb diets are among the most effective diets for losing fat and getting back in shape. Cutting down on carbs also has a number of health benefits, like reducing your risk of diabetes. But how you choose to eat when you are on a low fat diet can make or break your efforts. Ditching this type of food completely or failing to plan your meals can easily result in a failure. Here are some of the mistakes you make when you are eating on a low carb diet and how to avoid them.

Over-eating good foods

When you are cutting down on carbohydrates you will tend to replace them with other types of foods, like protein packed avocados. While this is generally good for your health and weight, over-eating proteins and fats can lead to weight gain and health issues. If a food is allowed to eat you don’t have to abuse it. Just look for low carb recipes and complement them with the foods you are allowed to eat, to keep your meals balanced. You can also rely on your own body to dictate you what to eat and how much: if you crave cheese one day, eat cheese, but don’t overdo it.

Not eating enough carbs

Another huge mistake people make when they go on a low carb diet is eating too few carbs or completely ditching them. To avoid a crash caused by eating too few carbs you need to eat fruits and vegetables, especially at the beginning of the diet, when your body is adjusting to the new regime. Your body needs a low amount of carbs, so ditching them completely from your diet is likely to cause health problems. Bottom all, low carb diets ask you to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you eat, without giving up on them. Small adjustments go a long way, so always listen to your body and focus on a healthy meal plan.

Ditching fats

When you are on a low carb diet you might be tempted to avoid fats as well, which is a big mistake. The human body needs fats to function properly, so cutting down on fats can have a lot of negative effects. At the beginning of the diet your body is going to consume its fats deposits, but when these are gone, you need to add fats to your diet in order to keep losing weight and stay healthy. Otherwise, you might suffer from hunger, which can push you to abandon the diet or indulge in foods you shouldn’t eat.

Skipping exercise

When you follow a diet you need to balance it with regular exercise. When you are on a low carb diet and you start losing weight you can easily be tempted to skip exercising. This is a mistake, as exercising lowers the insulin resistance and helps you build muscle mass. At the same time, after the initial weight loss when you start the low carb diet, without exercising your weight will likely reach a plateau.

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