5 Flavors of Vodka You Need to Try

5 Flavors of Vodka You Need to Try This Christmas

Vodka. One word for a strong drink, linked to a lot of stories. If you have a hard time adjusting with its taste, you can try one of the many types of flavored vodkas out there. From the plain citrus vodka to the more complex flavors, like blueberries, there are lots of drinks to try. Here are some of the most interesting flavors of vodka you can find on the market.

Sriracha flavored vodka

Sriracha is more than a hot sauce – it is a culture! Considering this fact, it’s no wonder people designed Sriracha-flavored vodka. This is the next level of the more common chili flavored vodka and is definitely going to leave a mark on your taste buds.

Chocolate vodka

To satisfy your sweet tooth, you have to enjoy this type of vodka. Creamy and rich, the sweetness of the chocolate blends perfectly with the bold taste of vodka. This makes the latter a lot more palatable, so make sure you don’t go overboard with this delicious drink.

Whipped cream vodka

Another delicious drink, whipped cream vodka smells of cake. Despite it is a strong drink, it works perfectly for a brunch, especially a weekend one. If you want to make this flavored vodka even more special, you can use it to make a Screwdriver.

Horseradish vodka

Horseradish is usually seen next to a good steak, but you can try to mix it with vodka. The unique, strong taste of the root mixes really well with the bold taste of vodka, but it can be too much for some people. Unlike other flavored vodkas in this list, this one is definitely focused towards those who love horseradish. To tame its taste you can use it to make a Bloody Mary.

Coconut water vodka

Coconut water is healthy, but it can taste a little foul to some people. To avoid this problem, try the coconut water vodka, which brings the best out of both drinks. The great coconut aroma will complete the vodka, which will cut the coconut water’s foul taste. You can use this type of vodka to make an amazing Caipiroska. Add some pineapple juice to obtain an exotic drink.

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