Do You Save a Sinking Business or Jump Ship Instead?

Do You Save a Sinking Business or Jump Ship Instead?

It’s not easy to give up, especially if there’s a lot on the line such as your financial security or a family business. However, a sinking business can cause more frustrations and problems than you might think. In fact, you may question whether it’s worth your time and effort to save a business when the better option would be to simply drop it and move on. If you’re tasked with the decision of calling it quits or working to save your business, then here’s some advice to help you decide.

Signs That You Need to Let Go

Many people find it difficult to truly understand whether they need to drop their business or not. To make it easier for you, here are some clear signs that you need to drop your ideas and business to start over again.

  • Nothing’s working anymore – Creating your own business is a tough task, but there will be times when it feels like nothing’s working anymore. Perhaps the market no longer has a need for your products or maybe your brand has fallen into obscurity due to some bad decisions. Luckily, those negative aspects are attached to your brand, so it’s possible to wipe those mistakes and start over if you didn’t get off to a good start.
  • You can’t justify your decisions anymore During a long period of business decline, you can start to find it difficult to actually justify your actions and decisions. In the past, your actions may have been to save your business, but eventually, they will turn from saving the business to prolonging the death of it.
  • You are no longer motivated Let’s admit it, if you’ve lost all motivation for your business idea then it’s a good sign to let go and move on so you can work on newer ideas to apply what you’ve learned.

Securing the Funds to Save Your Company

If none of the above applies to you and you’re still motivated to make your business a success, then you’ll need to find ways to secure your business’s interests. This will usually involve the following.

  • Taking out a loan – Whether it’s a loan from a bank or investor, a sponsorship deal or an asset-based loan, you’re going to need business financing, and it will likely come from someone else’s pocket. You could view Equify for more information about asset-based lending if you’re confident that you can use your current assets to expand your company.
  • Downscaling your operations – Firing staff, pulling out of certain markets or even producing less of your product are all viable ways to downscale your operations so that you’re spending less on operating costs.
  • Redefining your niche – Perhaps you simply just don’t have a good grasp of the industry you’re in. If possible, try and redefine the niche that you’re involved with by taking a look at how the market is evolving or how consumer interests are changing. Adapting to the industry is an important skill to have, so look for ways to evolve your brand.

Hopefully, these tips and ideas have given you the clarity you need to either pull the plug or keep your head high.

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