The Qualities & Skills That Make For Extraordinary Management

The Qualities & Skills That Make For Extraordinary Management

In any business, a great deal of its success or failure can be determined by the quality of its staff. The employees of a business are its most essential asset, and they need to be chosen carefully if the business is to succeed in the long run. However, the employees who are of particular importance are those who are higher up. The management staff are hugely relevant to how well the business is run. You can tell a lot about a business by the calibre of the management team. If you are keen to improve your management’s performance, then there is plenty to consider. The fact is, there are certain qualities and skills which all management just need to have. In this article, we will look at the most essential – and briefly discuss how you can cultivate or encourage them in your management staff. With the proper combination of qualities, your management will soon lead your business to greater heights of success.

High Energy

Looking after other members of staff can very quickly become tiring or tedious. This is not necessarily a reflection on the people themselves. All people can feel this way when they are in charge of people for long periods of time. It takes a lot to keep going day after day when you have people beneath you who look up to you. That’s why one of the most important qualities for any business leader in management is high energy. This doesn’t mean that they have to run around the office like a madman, of course. It just means that they bring a lot of energy to the table, and know how to infect others with it. Done in the right way, this kind of high energy can encourage people to work much harder than they might otherwise. This kind of energy is something you can often spot straight away, so look for this in interviews. For more advice on interviews, see


This next quality is somewhat related to the matter of having high-energy, but it is not entirely the same. Being motivated simply means that your management staff are keen to see projects through to the end. Highly motivated individuals are much more likely to succeed in the long run. What’s more, they are more likely to help others succeed too. Of course, this is the kind of behaviour you definitely want your employees to have. Sometimes, it might be that your management are not as motivated as they could be. In these cases, it might be down to you to ensure that you keep them motivated. This can be easier said than done, but you might also find that it is essential. Motivating your employees could be a simple matter of ensuring that there is a proper reward system in place. This can work wonders, even in the most rundown office environments.

Time Management

When there is a big project to be completed, this is a time when you can really see the value of good management. The kinds of managers you want to keep hold of are those who know how to properly manage their time – and the time of those below them. When a big project is on the go, your management team need to be able to sink their teeth in and get it done on time. This kind of expert project management is not easy, nor is it learned overnight. However, it is vital if you want your business to be run as well as possible. If you think your managers might need some practice in this area, it might be a good idea to give them some training. Take a look at for an example of project management training. Being able to properly manage time is a hugely important part of their job, after all.

Strategic Thinking

Ultimately, you don’t just want people who are going to go along with whatever you say. This is unlikely to get you very far at all. The most successful businesses are often those which hand over the reins to their upper management, at least to a certain extent. If you find your managers have their own strategic plans for the future of the business, then that is a very good sign. This is the kind of approach you want them to have. After all, it is strategic thinking which enables you to place your business where it needs to be in the marketplace. Having strong management figures with a good level of natural intelligence is hugely important. See for more on strategic thinking.

Problem-solving Capabilities

Looked at from a certain angle, all of business is nothing but problem-solving. Every day, problems occur and you need to come up with creative solutions to them. And the more creative and unique the solutions, the more powerful they tend to be. It is for this reason that having management with good problem-solving skills on board is always highly beneficial. You can easily test this quality out during the recruitment stage. Simply pose scenario-related questions in the interviews. Often, this is a key way to determine someone’s skill level early on. If you have managers with great problem-solving skills, your business is likely to do pretty well in the long run.


Managers cannot get very much done if they do not know how to properly communicate. You need to ensure that you have managers who are able to get their message across succinctly at all times. With clear and concise communication tends to come a more organized and well-structured office. What’s more, it is also often hand-in-hand with an increased ability to work strongly as a team. Ultimately, your management employees are team leaders. In order to effectively lead their teams, they need to be able to clearly communicate. If any of your managers have trouble with this, it might be worth considering some re-training. This is something which can always be learned, no matter of personality style or experience. If your team is starting to falter, consider replacing the manager with a more communicative individual. You might be surprised at what a difference this can make.

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