5 Quick Bra Hacks Will Save You Money (#2 Is Very Simple)

5 quick bra hacks will save you money

You need these amazing tips to have no regrets when shopping. These 5 quick bra hacks will save you money. It won’t seem as significant a price initially. But after a few months, this will amount to enough for you to be able to afford to buy a new bra. Isn’t that great?

5 Quick Bra Hacks Will Save You Money

#1 Use a Bra Clip

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This genius hack works when nothing else does. You don’t have time to buy a racerback bra. Or you just don’t want to. A bra clip can be used in a variety of ways.

You can pin both straps together if you want them to look fancy in a sleeveless top. You can even extend your bra using a bra clip.

On a side note: If you don’t find a bra clip in any retail store. A strong paperclip works just fine!

There are two ways to use a bra clip

  1. You clip the straps together using the bra clip. And wear the bra on over your head. I think this is the easiest way to use a bra clip for racerback straps.
  2. Second is when you bring the back of the bra in front of you. Attach the bra clip in between both straps. And slide the back to where it belongs. And pull the straps over your shoulders.

#2 Dry Your Bras Flat After Washing

Trust me; you don’t want to hang your bras after washing them for air drying. This will compromise the shape of the cups and loosen the bra’s lining. Air drying a bra takes time. Even though it’s not as long as air drying jeans!

The bra, of any material, can lose shape and fit while it’s hanging. It’s best to lay them flat on a clean surface to dry. This is the only trick to prolong the life of the best push up bra for sagging breasts.

Also, make sure you do not throw them in a dryer after washing. Even the best minimizer bras for large breasts can lose not only their shape. But the elastic becomes worn out faster. A huge let-down!

Another good caring tip for bras is to wash them in cold water. You can also handwash the bra using mild detergent and some cold water.

#3 Do a DIY Bra Strap Extension

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If you have time to do this, it’s a lifesaver! This is for women who get annoyed by the sight of the bra strap in a low-back dress or top. You need this DIY Bra Strap Extension hack. If you want to look good and feel comfortable!

You can either buy an extra pair of straps. Wrap them around the front of your bra. And pull each strap down from the side. This works for many women wearing backless tops and dresses. And it should work for you too.

Another way is to cut a strip of elastic. It should be as long as the size of your rib cage. You need a bra hook extender to cut away the hooks from the eyes. Sew the hooks on the ends of the elastic; on both sides.

Now, attach the extender to each side of your bra strap after wrapping it around the front. Make sure you wrap the straps around the front of your waist.

When you cross the straps around your waist, it gives you a better, stronger grip. So the bra stays in the right place. Hook the other side to the other bra strap. This should give you a reversed look. All thanks to the elastic strap!

#4 Handwash Your Sports Bra in the Shower

Do you complain about wearing the same stinky sports bra? Even after you’ve washed it a couple of times! This is because you let your sports bra stay sweaty after your workout for a while. That is until you need to wash it.

Here’s a good way to avoid spoiling the condition for your sports bra. You must take your sports bra with you in the shower. And handwash it to get rid of sweat stains and odor. This not only makes sports bras last longer.

You don’t need to wash them in the washing machine after every workout!

#5 Buy a Plastic Bra Washing Ball

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For such a small price, you’re practically saving a lot of money in the long run. A plastic ball is what you can use to wash the bra in a washing machine. That is when you don’t have the time to wash by yourself.

Throwing the bra in a washing machine by itself is a bad idea. You might as well cut it up into pieces or shoot it to death! Put the bra into the washing ball and then throw it into the machine.

This makes sure the bra has its original shape and fit after washing.

Key Takeaway

It doesn’t what type of bra you’re wearing. Taking care of them is important. And these 5 quick bra hacks will save you money. Most women will swear by these tips and tricks. After all, there’s only so much you can do to make the most of your favorite bra!

About the author: Jennifer Kessler knows what it’s like to not be perfect at everything you do. She’s a blogger who wishes to create more realistic goals than fancy, unattainable ones. As a career-oriented mom, Kessler understands the real struggles and imperfections of life. And as a professional blogger, she wants to bridge the gap between that and self-satisfaction.


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