How To Pick The Right Underwear

How To Pick The Right Underwear

There are many considerations when you are looking for the right underwear. While many people would consider the size and the color, there are more considerations to make, as you will see here. While not everyone looks forward to buying underwear as, frankly, it is not very exciting, when you go online to buy, make sure you pick the right ones. You will be in a lot of trouble if you buy ill-fitting underwear. A size too large or too small can render that important garment useless.

Consider the following things to pick the right underwear:

Comfort vs. style

While you wear your underwear under your outer clothing where it cannot be seen, the effects of uncomfortable underwear are hard to miss. You can spend an irritating and fidgety day just because you wore knickers that are too tight at the crotch. It is recommended to choose comfort over style. Consider the fit; it should be very comfortable, not too tight or too large. Choose the most comfortable fabric, as you do not want to start feeling itchy all over. Comfort and fit are very important. They will help the outer clothes settle nicely on your body, accentuating your shape.  Good People is a great place to find all kinds of underwear including panties and bras.

Your body shape

Considering the shape of your body is going to help you to narrow down your underwear choices online. People have different body shapes – some have narrow hips, some have broad hips. Some women have bigger busts while some have small or medium-sized ones. There is nothing fretful about this, it is just the way nature is.

When you know your body shape, you can then go straight to looking for underwear designed for such shape. For the bras, you should consider the amount of lift that you need, and the coverage. To buy panties, consider the shape of your butt. Is it rounded, square, v-shaped, A-shaped or shaped like an upside-down heart? All these butt shapes require different types of panties.

Choose underwear depending on your lifestyle

If you work in the gym, it would make more sense to buy sports bras and panties. Some women like lace panties and some like other types with support. These have better support since they are specifically made for physically active people. You may also want to buy underwear in neutral shades because such can be worn with many types of outfits.

If you like covering up, for example, with long sleeves, you would just need to worry about comfort and fit when buying your underwear. If you wear sleeveless dresses and tops, then a bra with beautiful straps would be good for you.

Know your size

Size is the “make or break” factor when buying any fashion items. Your body changes with time. Therefore, if you last bought underwear a year ago, you need to know your size again. You could have slimmed a little, or added more weight. Your breasts might also require a different lift this time around and perhaps a little more coverage. Do not buy your underwear before measuring your size again. On the retailer’s website, use their sizing system and consider your personal preference to get the right size.

Basic Styles Are Best

It is always advisable to start with basic styles of underwear and then you can move on to something more pronounced later. By the basics, you have to consider your lifestyle, your wardrobe and most importantly, your comfort. It is better to have basic undergarments that you can wear for a long time than to have frilly underwear that stays in the drawers because it is too uncomfortable to spend a few hours in it. Choose styles that you can wear comfortably with anything, anytime anywhere rather than buying underwear that you can only wear with a few select outfits.

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