Improving Health and Strengthening Bones with Martial Arts

Improving Health and Strengthening Bones with Martial Arts
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Learning the skill of defending oneself is beneficial for all. But for women it goes far beyond the thing that it is to protect themselves from something or someone. It helps change their personality and develop themselves as a new and strong person. In some schools they are also teaching self-defense courses while other women are doing it during the recreational time. In the self-defense course they don’t only teach you how to protect yourself if something happens, they tell how to avoid such situations and how to react in a situation in advance before the other person gets a chance.

Martial arts is the thing that is taught for self-defense. Before you go check out Elite Sports to buy martial arts gear and apparel for any martial arts you need. One of the biggest benefits of martial arts is that with it your anger and aggression are controlled, but you give all where needed. Meaning women are more powerful and assertive but with controlled aggression. The reason that martial arts training can help you control aggression means that it also helps with mental health and fitness. Yes, that is, right martial arts is a lot more than just a form for physical fitness or self-defense.

Women in martial arts have been breaking the stereotypes and learning to defend themselves, while strengthening their bones and core muscles. With the increasing number of incidents and attacks on women, what more signs do you need to start learning martial arts and self-defense? In a study women even reported that they carried pepper spray yet had no idea to properly use it. Or we’re afraid to properly use one another. They also didn’t know what they could do afterward or if it wouldn’t work. The problem is that you cannot have some weapon or self-defense tool with you at all times. Thus, martial arts make your body and brain a tool that you can always and instantly use when needed.


Mixed martial arts, also known shortly as MMA, is a combination of different martial art forms and techniques. This martial art was designed and developed to fight with the best techniques and to make one powerful and efficient in most all fighting forms. MMA is considered one of the best forms of self-defense and fitness. Get an MMA spat pants, shorts, and gloves for yourself and start training now.

Krav Maga

MMA and Krav Maga are competing for head to toe, but Krav Maga takes the lead because of its brutality and no limits. The fact that there are no competitions and matches for this art form explains its brutality. It teaches you how to defend yourself against an opponent either they have any weapons or not. On the other hand, it also tells you how to use what you can and the surroundings to your advantage. It is a great way to learn self-defense.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai, the art of eight limbs, teaches how to use the feet, hands, elbows, and knees for an attack at vital parts and how to defend yourself. Muay Thai is also known for its tough and brutal attacks. It has

Wing Chun

Invented and first used in martial arts by Ng Mui who learned the Shaolin kung fu and later modified it with her style which came as wing Chun. It is focused on close combat with and without weapons and is one of the greatest self-defense close-range combat martial arts.


Judo was created in Japan as a self-defense martial art. Using takedowns and brutal attacks, judo can do serious damage. It also teaches various arm-locks, chokes, and more techniques to defense and controls the opponent.


The combination of different straight kicks and punches is used to attack and defend yourself against the opponent. It focuses on speed and accuracy without sacrificing the distance from the opponent. Of course, it is also good for weight loss and mental health issues.


BJJ is the martial art form where you don’t have to punch or hit someone. This relatively calm and patient martial art form is great for kids and the ones who don’t want to get or get hit. This ground-based martial art is great for self-defense, so do not underestimate its power and efficiency. It teaches different throws, arm, knee, and foot locks along with chokes and other techniques like maintaining a top control position, how to take advantage of a submissive position, and how to maintain your position.

There are many other martial arts and techniques you can learn for self-defense. However, these are the ones we considered were the best and most efficient when it comes to self-defense. Here are some other ways to ensure better health and lifestyle if fitness is your goal.

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