5 Reasons Theater Makes Life Better

5 Reasons Theater Makes Life Better

People fall in love with movies, and they fall in love with TV shows, but there is nothing that compares to the theater. The theater is immersive, interactive, and inspirational. It makes people feel, and it moves them, makes them laugh, cry, feel fright – you name it, the whole spectrum of human emotions is explored in the seats of the theater. From the lighting and the script to the movement of the actors, the voices of the singers – assuming you’re watching a musical – and the surround sound of the stage, theater draws you in. It doesn’t matter what your background may be; it’s hard not to be entirely engaged by the experience you feel at the theater.

With all of that in mind, here are five reasons that theater makes life so much better!

It Does No Harm

Art, music, and culture are all an expression of human behavior, and theater perfectly encompasses that behavior and projects it into the audience. The Akua Murray costumes, the orchestra, and the actors are all the greatest distraction. While we are engaged in viewing and experiencing the theater, there is less fighting, less crime, drinking, gambling – you name it, it’s not happening while you’re in a theater!


Getting dressed up and going to the theater for the night is an experience like nothing else. We love to have the luxury, and we love to enjoy that with friends, and theater is the ultimate luxury for those who love a grand show.

Bringing People together

A performance doesn’t just happen with one person: even at a one-person show! Performances like those brought to life at the theater involve lighting managers, stage managers, actors, designers, costume stylists: the list goes on. It takes people working together closely to bring a show to its peak.

We Learn Something

Every show, every musical, every play – they all teach us something. Whether this is to see the beauty in the arts or to appreciate string music, we learn something entirely new. We learn about different cultures and countries, and we learn about the passion of those who put the show together in the first place. Those who participate in the arts do well in life, and children who get involved with theater from a young age learn to come out of their shells in a productive way.

It’s Influential

Like with opera music, the theater is love it or hate it. Those who see a show and dislike it often don’t go back again, but those who love it will find themselves trying to surround their lives in the theater and all that it offers. Theater can influence you in other areas of life, make you feel inspired enough to do more and be better in other avenues in life. It’s exciting that theater can do this, change how we think and make us express ourselves. The fact that one art has this power is astounding, and yet we all clamor for more.

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