You Won’t Believe The Negative Effect A DWI Can Have On Your Personal Finances

You Won't Believe The Negative Effect A DWI Can Have On Your Personal Finances

Today, I want to focus on something that has a direct link to your personal finances and ability to make money to take care of your family and financial obligations. As you can tell by the title, the focus is firmly on DWI offenses. Driving while intoxicated is a serious felony, and it’s easy for people to get caught doing it. It’s especially common around this time of year when things get festive, and there are lots of Christmas and New Years parties where people get drunk. So, I thought it would be a good idea to show you the negative effect a DWI can have on your personal finances:

Difficulty Securing Future Credit

Most people in this day and age will look to secure credit at some stage of their life. Let’s say you’re planning on buying a new home and want to apply for a big mortgage loan. In this case, you have to apply for credit via the lender, which is usually a bank. If you’ve been charged with a DWI, then this can have a negative effect on your application. Banks may be reluctant to give someone credit if they’ve been arrested and have a criminal record. You need to understand that all DWI offenses go on public record, so they’re easy to find. If you struggle to secure credit when you need it, then it puts more pressure on your personal finances.

Hefty Fines

If you get arrested for DWI, then you’ll be subjected to some hefty fines that can hit your personal finances very hard. First offenders get a minimum $2000 fine if they’re caught drinking while intoxicated, and may also spend time in jail too. A second offense gets you a $4000 fine while a third one will set you back a whopping $10,000. So, you can see that a DWI charge is not something you or your personal finances will want. Hopefully, even if you make a mistake and get the first offense, you’ll never have to deal with the second and third offense fines as you’ll have learned your lesson. Plus, DWI experts, such as Grant Scheiner reveal that there’s a fee of up to $1000 dollars that you must pay for 3 years to maintain your driving license after an offense. Essentially, a first DWI offense can set you back $5000 over three years. This is money that could be spent on better things for you and your family.

Career Problems

Finally, a DWI charge can wreak havoc on your career. If your employer finds out you were arrested, then they may let you go as it looks bad on the company image to keep you employed. Now, you have to try and search for a job, and all your potential employers will see this charge on your record too. So, it becomes much harder to secure a permanent job and get a regular source of income for you and your family. Your personal finances take a big hit as there’s not a lot of money coming into your account and a hell of a lot leaving it.

The bottom line is, be safe when you’re out drinking with friends and ensure you don’t drive home when intoxicated. If you do, then you could get caught, and your personal finances will suffer.

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