5 Reasons Your Man Should Groom

5 Reasons Your Man Should Groom

Back in the day, people were very suspicious of men who spent too much time in the bathroom. These days are gone, and women are no longer the only ones whose appearance is scrutinized. It is still predominantly women who are compelled to spend more time grooming and taking care of their appearance in general, though, and this is also a reason why your man should groom – to show support!

Women have better things to do than get a haircut or a manicure or pedicure or a wax every two weeks. It’s incredibly time-consuming! If that wasn’t enough, the amount of advice, opinions and small, costly cosmetics packages targeting both men and women is simply overwhelming. But don’t worry, guys, the point isn’t to spend a fortune on hundreds of different products.

1. Groom To Avoid Or Minimize Hair Loss

Hair products for men have got a bit more confusing since our fathers’ days, when there was a single hair gel for men on the shelf. Why should guys care? The right hair gel can, quite literally, make the difference between having hair and going bald. It’s an especially important consideration if baldness runs in the family.

Remember what Prince William looked like five years ago? Have you seen him recently? Even royalty isn’t immune to the affliction of baldness. If your man has thin hair, he should definitely go for lighter products and sprays that will give his locks some staying power. Even if your man is bald, the best electric shaver can give him a clean shave and make him look sharp.

2. You Notice His Smile…And Teeth

You probably notice (like every woman) every guy’s teeth and socks (I have an eye for white socks under sweatpants – absolutely incongruous). What’s even more incongruous? Yellow teeth behind a beautiful smile and well-groomed face. Guys, you no longer have any excuse to ignore technological advances. Electric toothbrushes will do most the work for you if you’re that unbothered, and they’re also pretty good for your health.

According to a study by Sheffield University, manual brushes reduce 11% less plaque than their rotating brethren. They can also significantly reduce gum problems. And while your man is at it, get him to use a mouthwash after he brushes his teeth in the morning.

3. It’s Polite

When it comes to grooming, the issue of trimming down under is simply unavoidable. The 70s are gone, and please understand it is polite to trim your public hair! You don’t have to go to great lengths, like aiming for a porn star look (women don’t care), but do keep things neat and tidy down there, just like you expect us women to.

And don’t shave your pubes with the same razor blade or electric shaver you shave your face with because it’s not hygienic. If you live with a woman, she won’t appreciate the sight of your Mach 3 filled with thick, curly black hairs in the bathroom as she goes to brush her teeth in the morning.

4. Your Man Will Look Better Than He Feels

Have you ever heard someone say, “You look like I feel?” I recommend a face scrub to get that weekend look off your face, and also on any other day of the week after a late night. The best is a non-abrasive, plain face wash. He’ll look better than he feels in no time.

5. Slay That Job Interview

According to the results of a recent survey, 44% of men who went to a job interview groomed beforehand. It’s very important to make a good first impression here. Sometimes it’s the only impression a prospective employer will get.

Final Tip

No need to lock yourself in the bathroom for hours – it’s more about developing a fast, easy daily routine!

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