Subtle Ways To Encourage Your Partner To Make Grooming A Priority

Subtle Ways To Encourage Your Partner To Make Grooming A Priority

Relationships can be hard work, there’s no doubt about that, especially when it comes to the effort that we go to, to look good for our partners. Most women do all that they can to ensure that they look nice for their partner (as well as for themselves) by getting regular haircuts, putting a daily skin care routine in place, keeping their body hair in check, and so on.

However, with men it can often be another story – a lot of men just don’t see grooming as being a priority. They’re happy sticking with the same basic shampoo they’ve used for years, and the shaver they’ve had since they first started shaving. Men are creatures of habit, and getting them to make changes to their routines can be a struggle, especially when it comes to their grooming.

The issue is that today, grooming has become more important than ever before. For men, grooming is becoming a vital part of presenting themselves in a positive light, with more and more men taking pride in their appearance. With that in mind, if you want to help encourage your partner to make grooming a priority, here are some ways that you can nudge them in the right direction.

Show them the best products (and how they work)

Often, the reason that men don’t use the products available to them is simply because they are unaware of them. So if there’s a male grooming product that you have heard good things about, tell them about it and show them how it works. Beard brushes, for example, are a useful tool in the male grooming market. Different types are available depending on the length of the beard. Hit the shops and take your partner to your local department store so that they can see the vast array of male grooming products available, from beard oils to facial scrubs. If they’re not excited about shopping, order some grooming items for them, and show them how to use them once they arrive. 

Treat them to all the newest gadgets

A lot of men like to stick to what they know, which means that if they’ve been using one make and model of shaver for years, they will likely always stick to it. If you want to encourage your man to make grooming a priority, a great way to do this is by treating him to all the newest and most innovative male grooming gadgets. Also check out this ultimate guide from Groom+Style who have tested and reviewed the best beard trimmers and electric shavers. To determine what the best gadgets are for male grooming, read up – for instance, you can read reviews from of all the best new shavers and beard trimmers. Or, if he sufferers from acne, you can read reviews of all the best light therapy machines online. A gift of the newest gadgets will encourage him to test them out and improve his grooming game!

Show them how beneficial pampering can be

The hardest part when it comes to pampering is getting men to book a massage session or waxing treatment. Once they have booked the treatment and had it done once, then they begin to realize just how beneficial a little bit of pampering can be. To encourage your partner to make time to pamper himself, get him a treatment at a spa or salon as a gift, then he can’t say no to it, can he? The chances are that once he has had one treatment, he will realize just how enjoyable being pampered can be and will find time to squeeze a massage or facial into his schedule every so often.

There you have it, a guide to the subtle ways that you can encourage your partner to make grooming a priority.

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