5 Secrets to Beauty at Any Age

5 Secrets to Beauty at Any Age

While we’re all hoping that the miraculous discovery of epigenetic reprogramming will soon soar in the direction of age-reversal in humans, we still need  to craft a foolproof skincare regime and a lifestyle that keeps ageing signs at bay. And as we strive to age like fine wine, growing more unique and lush every day, there are a few tried and tested ways to not only delay early ageing symptoms, but also to boast our natural appeal at any given chapter of our life.

The following magic five is what each of us needs to include in our daily rituals and our authentic look-book, and we’ll revel in our radiant complexion and timeless beauty for years to come!

H2O as your youth formula

Yes, we’re all made of water, practically 60% of your body is water, and we need at least those famous eight glasses per day, yadda, yadda, yadda. But how exactly does that reflect your skin health or your physical appearance? Quite simple – long-term dehydration, or just poor hydration habits and guzzling on soft drinks and caffeine instead of water will drain your skin significantly.

That means that you will likely earn that patchy, dry, wrinkled look sooner than necessary, simply because you’re depriving your body of the most needed element for life and regeneration. Drink plenty of water, drop the sugary and dehydrating drinks to a minimum and your skin will maintain a fresh, rosy glow.

Munch on micro-nutrients

Minerals such as selenium and zinc, together with vitamins A, E, C and B complex are some of your skin’s best friends in preventing those premature lines, reversing and protecting your skin from sun damage and other environmental influences. For instance, studies have shown that selenium plays a pivotal role in skin cancer prevention, reducing your chances by as much as 37%.

Of course, it’s best to tailor your nutrition plan in such a way as to include all of these micronutrients in abundance to cover your daily needs, but if that’s not possible due to any dietary restrictions, you can resort to taking a supplement. However, always discuss your best options with your doctor first, in order to avoid possible complications and choose the best supplement for your well-being!

Beauty sleep

Rest is essential to so many bodily functions that it shouldn’t come as a surprise just to what extent it affects your appearance. That means that a decent shut-eye should be your number one strategy to helping your body recuperate from stress and environmental pollution you’re exposed to every day.

However, in addition to quantity, the quality of your sleep is equally paramount. Keeping your bedroom cool helps your body boost the quality of REM sleep, and maintaining a high level of cleanliness affects how much your body can truly rest. That means using the best air purifier for mold and similar allergens and airborne irritants that can disrupt the quality of your sleep, and removing all light sources and gadgets such as phones, computers and TVs from your bedroom to promote healthy rest.

Reduce stress

Living in such a hectic era is in itself stressful, not to mention the life events that can at times cause you to feel overwhelmed and burdened. And if anything can derail all of your beauty efforts, it’s stress. Puffy eyes, bags under your eyes, worry wrinkles, hair loss, and stress-induced eczema are just some among many issues brought about by stress.

Since you cannot lead a completely stress-free life, it’s best to find a few strategies that will help you combat its effects and cope with it better in the future. Some of the best methods include regular physical exercise known to boost serotonin and dopamine, spending time in nature and away from digital gimmicks, nurturing your relationships and meditation – so take your pick and restore your wellbeing!

Let your mind bloom

Is there anything more beautiful than a person with a well-developed sense of identity, yet still open-minded, curious and continuously striving to learn new skills? Needless to say, all of these habits will not only keep your mind sharp, creative and safeguard your memory, but it also plays an important role in preserving your personal level of attractiveness.

Intelligence, a study confirmed, is one of the key qualities that make you so alluring. And while it’s always nice to be valued by others for your smarts, this should be one of many ways for you to keep appreciating yourself. So as years pass by, grow your inquisitive nature and always challenge yourself by mastering a new language, dance or even something as simple as a new recipe – it will enrich your life and nurture you intrinsic beauty that will shine through all the wrinkles, age spots and lines.

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