Are You Guilty of Making These Beauty Mistakes?

Are You Guilty of Making These Beauty Mistakes?

We all like to think we have got our beauty routine nailed down to perfection. We know how to look after our hair, we know how to apply our makeup, and we know how to choose the best treatments to make ourselves look and feel as good as possible. But, is this really the case? Below, we take a look at some of the most common beauty mistakes people make…

You put your blow-dryer on the hottest setting

Needless to say, if you put your hair-dryer on one of the lowest settings, it is probably going to take you all day to dry your hair. Nevertheless, putting the blow-dryer on a setting that is too high comes with its own problems. You could be totally frying the strands of your hair without even realizing it, which is a sure-fire way to end up with split ends.

Rushing into big decisions

This is something that most of us will admit we are guilty of when it comes to our appearance. We have all been there. You decide you want a distract change of hairstyle, but you don’t really think it through and you end up hating the results a few weeks later. The importance of taking time to think about the big decisions is even more important when it comes to the likes of plastic surgery. You need to look at plastic surgery videos online, do plenty of research, and have a consultation with an expert before you decide whether to go ahead with something as big as this.

You only wear SPF in the summer

A lot of people assume that they only need to wear sun protection in the summer. This is an easy assumption to make, but to get model perfect skin like Izabel Goulart, you need SPF. After all, it is freezing cold in the winter. However, this does not mean that the sun isn’t shining. While you may not be able to feel the warmth, the sun is still going to be giving off the same UV rays it does during the summer months, and so it is essential to wear SPF at all times. 

You are using the wrong cleanser

The final beauty mistake that a lot of people make is that they use the wrong cleanser. You need to buy a cleanser based on your skin type. A moisturizing cream cleanser is ideal for someone that has dry skin, whereas foaming cleansers are better suited for those with an oily complexion. If you have combination skin, you can cope with a small bit of lather, but you need to choose a formula that is gentle so that it does not irritate the skin.

If you are guilty of making any of the mistakes that have been mentioned above, it is time to make some changes to your beauty and self-care routine. A few small changes can go a very long way, and you are bound to notice a difference to the way you look and feel.

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