Another Year Older: The Beauty Perils Of New Year’s Eve

Another Year Older: The Beauty Perils Of New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is traditionally a time for celebration, of marking the year that has gone by and of welcoming in the future. However, for many of it is can also cause a little pang of anxiety. After all its another year to add to the clock, and that comes with all the inevitable worries such as the increased sign of skin aging to deal with. Combine that with a few too many drinks around midnight and NYE can be bad news for beauty…that is unless you follow the advice in our guide below.

Focus on the positive

It really is very important that you focus on the positive to do with your beauty and appearance on New Year’s Eve. This reason for this is that it can be so easily to only focus on the things we wish would be better. Unfortunately, doing so rarely helps and in some cases, it can skew our opinion of ourselves and make us forget that beauty is a combination of inner and outer factors. It can also put a serious crimp in the evening celebrations too, as you won’t feel like being too festive if all you can think about is your wrinkles.

To deal with this, it’s best to prepare in advance and write out a list of at least 5 things that you really like about the way you look. They can be any five things from your hair to your toes. Then just keep the list close by, and look at it when you feel your mind tempted to stray off into negativity.

Resolve to deal with the negative

Another way to prevent worries about aging and its effect on your beauty is during your new year’s celebration is to make some beauty-related resolutions before you set out for your party.

This may involve looking briefly at the things you would like to change, and deciding what action to take to do this in 2018. This could include resolving to take your makeup off every night, investigating posts like this facial fillers vs botox one to see which is the best treatment, as well as trying a new night cream to boost the collagen in your skin.  

Whatever you do choose those, write you resolution down along with the positives about yourself and then put it to one side for the evening. Then you will be able to enjoy your NYE celebrations without being plagued by worry about the effects on aging.

Take a break between celebrations

Now, in practical terms going on a massive night out so soon after Christmas isn’t a great idea, as you are likely to be drinking more. Something that can dehydrate you and make your skin look less than perfect.

A good way of minimizing this effect on your skin is to ensure that you have a break from overeating and drinking in between Christmas and New Year. Take that time to eat lots of raw, fresh vegetables and keep off the booze. Then a few glasses of champagne on NYE won’t be so perilous for your skin.

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