The Dos and Don’ts for Flawless Skin

The Dos and Don'ts for Flawless Skin

There are so many things you can do to improve the condition of your skin and help it to look flawless. However, there are a few things you shouldn’t do too. Most people don’t realize that they do things to damage their skin all the time! Here are just a few of the dos and don’ts, to help you take better care of the largest organ on your body, the skin:

DO Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturise Twice a Day

You need to cleanse, tone, and moisturise twice a day. Cleansing helps to get rid of excess oil produced by the skin in the morning, while the night cleanse helps to rid the skin of bacteria accumulated throughout the day. Toning helps to balance the skin’s natural PH, and moisturizing gives the skin radiance and helps to plump it up. Just make sure you’re using products that are suited to your skin type, otherwise you’ll find your skin condition deteriorates, rather than gets better. Get into a good routine and you’ll notice big improvements in your skin. You should also have a good exfoliator for the face on hand, to use up to 3 times a week. If you have sensitive skin, it may only be sensible to use it once per week. This will get rid of dead skin cells and improve the condition. You should also find a face mask you like to treat your skin once or twice a week. It’ll make a big difference after a few weeks of being consistent!

DON’T Use Expired Makeup

Many people think that makeup doesn’t expire. Unfortunately, that is just a misconception. It is heartbreaking to have to throw away expensive foundations and eyeshadows, but it is also very dangerous to use expired makeup on your skin.

Once you have opened your package of makeup, it is exposed to bacteria in the air. Additionally, when you use your fingers to apply the makeup, the bacteria from your fingers are transferred to your makeup. As time goes on, the bacteria in the makeup multiplies.  Makeup artist Sandy Taylor warns that you should be especially careful with liquid based products, such as liquid foundations, because these types of products provide a good breeding environment for bacteria. Sandy’s blog,, contains an excellent liquid foundation guide that details how to find the right liquid foundation for your skin.

It is also important to note that powder makeup provides a less ideal environment for bacteria to grow. However, they are not 100% safe. Some illnesses that bacteria in your makeup can cause are redness, acne, infections and excess swelling.

The expiry date on most makeup products will depend on the day that you open it (the day that it is exposed to bacteria). Therefore, manufacturers usually never print the exact expiry date on the label. Instead, what you will find on the label is a symbol that looks like an opened cosmetics pot with a number of months or years written on it. When you open a new package of makeup, always write down the date and calculate the expiry date based on the label.

DON’T Ever Sleep With Your Makeup On

Sleeping with your makeup on is bad news. People do this and don’t realize just how much damage they are doing to their delicate skin. If you wear makeup during the day, make sure you take it off properly at night. It’s best to do a double cleanse with a good cleanser here, rather than simply using a makeup wipe. Makeup wipes can get rid of surface makeup, but they can’t cleanse deep within like a proper cleanser can. You should also try to go at least one day a week with no makeup on.

DO Exercise

Exercise is so good for the skin. It’s beneficial for so many more reasons too. With exercise you’ll feel happier, as endorphins are released. Not only that, you’ll probably drop some excess fat, get fitter, and reduce your risk of diseases and illness. On top of that, you get healthy looking, glowing skin! There are so many reasons to start incorporating exercise into your routine today. This is a great way for women to look younger! Do a mix of different exercise types to get the most benefit. Doing too much of one thing can hinder your results and cause you to hit a plateau. You’ll feel incredible, look amazing, and how gorgeous skin to top it off.

DON’T Leave Sweat for Too Long

When exercising, we sweat. There’s nothing you can do about that. However, leaving sweat on the face for too long can really affect the condition of the skin. You can come out in spots, and your skin won’t look its best. If possible, wash your face as soon as you’re done exercising. Take a face wash to the gym with you, or do it as soon as you get home. Give yourself a 30 minute time limit!

DO Eat Healthy Foods to Support Healthy Skin

You must eat healthy foods to support healthy skin. It only makes sense! You can’t stuff your face with junk food and expect your skin to look amazing! Fill your diet full of things such as peanut butter, egg yolk, and avocado. Make it as natural as possible and you should notice a huge difference in your skin.

DON’T Consume Too Much Sugar

Eating too much sugar is very bad for the skin. While you’re allowed a treat every so often, eating too much sugar and refined foods will have a negative effect. This includes fruit. While a piece of fruit every now and again is OK, having more than 1 or 2 pieces a day can cause breakouts. Although fruit contains natural sugar, it is still sugar!

DO Invest in High Quality Skincare Products

High quality skincare products will help you to get the most from your skin. For instance, an AEA certified oil is known for its beneficial properties. Make sure that before buying any skincare product, you read extensive reviews first to be sure that your money is being spent wisely. Different products work for different people, but reviews don’t lie. If you find a product with majority great reviews, it should be a good buy! You can also find YouTube videos showing you how to use products.

DON’T Use Products That Don’t Suit Your Skin Type

Using products that don’t suit your skin type is a big mistake. This is why knowing your skin type is so important! You should never go out and purchase a product just because you like the packaging, the advert, or something else. You should buy a product because it has been recommended for your type of skin. Using products not meant for your skin type can cause all kinds of issues, from pimples to irritation. Bear in mind that your skin type can change over the course of a few months too. If you get dry skin in winter but you are combination the rest of the year, you’ll still need to change the products you’re using. Skin can change at any time!

Hopefully, you understand these dos and don’ts and you are going to bear them in mind from now on. Your skin can only look amazing and function properly when you take proper care of it. If you neglect it, you’ll regret it when it’s too late! Always start before any problems arise for the best results. You’ll be glad you started in a few years time. Any tips of your own that you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!

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