5 Stylish Ready to Wear Accessories that are Must-Have in the Wardrobe

5 Stylish Ready to Wear Accessories that are Must-Have in the Wardrobe

Accessories are like the frosting on top of plain cake. They glamourize an otherwise plain look and can turn you into a fashion avatar. However, caution should be taken not to overdo accessories, or the glamor can turn you into a laughing stock.

Here are details regarding essential accessories that are a must to have in your wardrobe. These will help you make a style statement without much effort. The top five ready to wear accessories that enhance your glamor are:

  • In-Fashion Glasses

One thing that not only serves their purpose but makes you look stylish and elegant is fashionable eyeglasses. Before you go out in the sun, you need to prepare yourself to keep the UV rays from your eyes and skin. In doing so, you could add value to your outfit and up your look by adding a touch of what’s in and what’s new.

michael kors presecription glassesIf you use eyeglasses to correct your vision, you can change them into a fashion accessory. Famous designer brands are now making prescription glasses. For example Gucci eyewear, Michael Kors prescription glasses, eyeglasses by Prada, Dior eyeglasses and frames, etc.

When you wear in-fashion eyeglasses, you convey that you are still aware of what’s in despite being busy. It shows your commitment to yourself and the fact that you respect your looks. This makes others respect you in turn. The vibes that wearing in-fashion eyeglasses sends out are positive ones. 

Also, if you add some timeless pieces to your collection, it would be a smart investment. There are many stunning styles available at stores like Overnight Glasses, Warby Parker, Zenni Optical, etc., that could change your look. You could rock the show by adding an angular spec around your eyes that would provide comfort, protection, and sophisticated grace. 

There’s a misconception that makes people choose sunglasses over prescription eyeglasses. However, people often fail to realize that eyeglasses can beat sunglasses when it comes to personalizing and making you stand out in a crowd.  

  • Watches

A statement watch always tops the list of essential must-have accessories. Not only do they tell you time and keep you organized, but they also complement your look. Watches and especially strap watches are a pretty significant addition to your summer wear. 

Also, watches can come in handy if you need a pop of color to revitalize your otherwise dull look. It could make you look acceptably hip and chic at the same time. Strap watches allow you to change straps, which could provide an opportunity to change your accessory to go with your outfit.  

Wearing watches also has a positive psychological effect on your first impression. When someone sees you wearing a watch, they perceive you value time in your life and are a productive personality. This effect is a must-have if you are going for a job interview. 

  • Sneakers

Footwear is also as important as your clothes. The moment you step into the door, people will look at your shoes. Footwear demonstrates your character. They also help you in complementing your look. In footwear, sneakers are a must-have as they provide comfort and make you more mobile and ready to be on the move. 

A good pair of sneakers is not only casual, but it is also classy. The designs and colors that you choose tell people about your personality. So, you could personalize your look and put your choices out there that speaks of your style.  

Especially a good pair of white sneakers is an evergreen choice with a skirt. Not only can they be compatible with your work clothes, but they can also complement your outfit while you are out on a casual brunch. 

  • Scarves

Scarves have many names. They are also referred to as stoles or veils. They are a multi-purpose fashion accessory that can also come in handy in emergencies. They can be worn in many styles and can create a retro look. For uplifting your mood on a dull day, a bright scarf is a perfect accessory. Also, they are useful if you have a Nancy Drew kind of personality. 

  • Handbags 

Another essential accessory that is an absolute must-have is a handbag. There are many kinds of handbags available. Choosing the one that fits your look perfectly is the real game. 

Bags are a complete winner when it comes to a variety of colors, purposes, or styles. You have a plethora of bags to choose from, from wallets to backpacks and clutches. Each serves a different purpose on a different occasion.  

Tote bags are good for college students, while a handbag can be used casually as well as formally. A fancy clutch can glamourize your look at a party, while a backpack comes in handy for hikes and walks. 

Bags are available in plain, textured, floral, and printed materials. Nowadays large bags are in, which could be useful to keep everything you need. Also, choose bags according to your outfit. Gone are the days when women wore matching bags. 

Today a good contrast is appreciated more. So be creative and accessorize your look with a stylish bag that could win hearts and soften people’s attitudes towards you. 


Perfect accessorizing can create a balance. The right accessory can make you feel great. Accessories also give a different look to the same outfit. It can help you dominate with patterns, style, and color and make you look more vibrant, stylish, and in character. 

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