5 Things Every New Mom Needs For Their Newborn Baby

Nothing is more thrilling than having a positive pregnancy test report. We know how it tickles your tummy and let you experience tingles passing through the whole body until you laugh or scream with joy. It is just incredible to have babies!

When you are pregnant, from the time you have your baby shower and until you become a new mother, almost everyone tells you what to have and what not to have. You will come across many lists and articles related to the items that you need to have after having a newborn.

Friends will always advise buying those products that they used and were happy, and strangers will also offer you advice — some good and some bad. However, chances are there despite all of the solicited and unsolicited advice, you will find you may have missed a few items.

In this article, we have collected the names of such products that you might have missed out on…

  • You need a Breast Pump

When it comes to your baby’s feeding, you need to take the utmost care. Most importantly, you need to have a good pump and depending on your child, you should choose a breast pump that a community of moms ranks best.  You can also find the best bottle warmer and have an extra hand for your childcare even when you are out for your office. If you will be back to work after having your baby in few months, it is nice to have an electric double pump.

It is easy to use. You simply need to attach the two suction cups to your breasts, but we know it does not feel normal. However, if you plan on a proper nursing, then chances are there that you must look for a reliable pump. As you will be on the go, you will thus like to invest in something sturdy and suitable for daily use. Do make sure that the breast pump you choose is both portable and durable.

  • You Also Need to Choose the Best Bottle Warmer

5 Must-Have Baby Products for the First YearAfter you choose a breast pump, you need to store the milk. Therefore, to store it you need to choose the best bottle warmer in the market. There are readers who say that they do not need a bottle warmer. However, think of those odd situations when you are back from work, but need a good night slumber, and suddenly your baby wakes up. You need to warm the milk. If you have a bottle of milk ready along with the warmer beside, things become simple.

There are a few possible options in bottles: glass baby bottle and plastic baby bottle. Many people think best glass baby bottles are perfect choosing.

However, there are moms who want to give a try to two different bottles to see which variety their baby prefers the most. After that, they can purchase more than one bottle. It is best to have a small stock in the first few months when you have just started to adjust your life with the newborn. Sometimes you might not find time to go to the store and purchase bottles, so look for more option in bottles and buy them.

  • Baby care is utmost important these days

When it comes to baby care, you need to think and calculate what can give you enough. The most important things in baby care are diapers, wipes, nose bulbs and a good thermometer. Have them in a box and you are sorted for the rest of the few months.

For the first six months, you need to keep an arrangement of at least 7lbs of diapers, though the sizes may vary. As for the hospital nose bulbs, stock them up while you are still in the hospital and try not to lose them.

The store bought ones you get will be nothing in comparison to them. Another good thing that should be in your baby care kit is a good thermometer that helps to monitor the baby’s temperature at home. They are no doubt one of the best for the toddlers and children as well.

  • It is important to have both pacifiers and pacifier holders

5 Must-Have Baby Products for the First YearOne cannot just stay without the other. If you buy pacifier, getting a pacifier holder is also important. If you have a kid who is too much binky, so it important for those mothers to always have a backup of good pacifiers.

And if you purchase a pacifier, having a holder is equally important. Millions have thought of it, but have ignored to buy one for their kids, and neither advised you. There is one end that attaches to the pacifier ring, and other hangs to your baby’s shirt. Therefore, there is no chance for it to drop on the floor full of germs.

  • You also need a teether for your little one

There will be a day soon near when you will want to have something for your beloved so that his or her teething pain vanishes. Therefore, it is important for the kid’s mother, just as the way she has looked for more options in bottle warmers she now has to open up many options for the teether that comes with healing powers.

Something made of natural rubber and a little food paint, with no toxic substance, could be the best choice. Such kinds of teether are popular among the kids for some best reason.

This kind of teether is chewable and sticks out every possible way to make it easy to chomp on. The teether that squeaks when your baby squeezes it seems to be the perfect for any baby’s grip as well. If you want to keep your baby silent and stay out of pain, a teether is necessary for your baby shelf.

If you have all these products for your baby purchased and arranged around you, nothing can stop you from becoming the best mom in the world. You will find no mom who does not like to add feathers to her hat and to be the best you need to be perfect.

Author Bio: Anny Brown is a mom and a blogger. Before becoming a stay at home mom, she worked as an editor. Now, She is a busy housewife with two kids. Her Blog’s Modernmom.good4y.com  is sharing all simple baby care tricks mom.

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