6 Hacks for Getting Rid of a Hickey

6 Hacks for Getting Rid of a Hickey

Hickeys reveal to the world what you did without saying a word. They’re really not something you want to show to everybody and their brother. So, if you get a hickey on your neck or even your arms or chest, your first priority should be to get rid of it as soon as possible. The problem with hickeys or “love bites” is that they take time to disappear naturally, normally 10-15 days. You can’t afford to be a laughing stock for at least two weeks so it’s better to idea to get rid of hickeys quickly.

Here are 6 hacks for getting rid of a hickey quickly.


The quickest and the best remedy for getting rid of a hickey is an icepack. Get some ice cubes or anything cold like a bag of frozen vegetables or even a cold metal spoon, place is on the skin with the purplish hickey, and press it a little hard onto the skin for six to ten minutes. Once you remove the icepack from the affected skin, you will notice that the blemish is almost gone.

Banana Peels

Banana peels are rich with nutrients that are beneficial for your skin. When you’re holding a banana peel, rub the white part onto the love bite mark. After rubbing it for a while, throw the old peel away, and take a fresh one and cover the affected skin with that peel. Keep it covered for at least half an hour and then remove it and wash your skin. Repeating the process for two or three times a day will expedite the disappearance of any marks on your skin.

Creams with Vitamin K

Vitamin K is the most effective medical treatment for hickeys. The main role of vitamin K is that it prevents the blood from the process of clotting. Keeping in mind this capability of Vitamin K, doctors and dermatologists recommend to use creams, supplements or the food which have plenty of Vitamin K. It will heal your skin naturally, and therefore you will get rid of hickeys fast.


Peppermint has the natural cooling and anti-inflammatory contents which can be very useful to get rid of love bite marks quickly. If you have peppermint leaves at home, crush the leaves and apply them to the affected skin directly. And if you don’t have them at home, you can use peppermint oil or even the peppermint toothpaste. Apply a layer of peppermint, oil or toothpaste on the hickeys and leave it for few minutes and then wash it with warm water. You will get rid of hickeys within a day or two.

Concealer Base

One of the best hacks for getting rid of a hickey is the concealer base from your makeup kit. Get the makeup base and apply it on your skin to conceal the hickeys.

High-Neck Collar and Scarfs

Another one of the best hacks for hiding or getting rid of hickeys is to hide it using a “clothing hack” such as wearing a high-neck collared shirt or scarf.

Hopefully the above mentioned remedies and hacks will help you avoid embarrassment and speed up your recovery from a love bite!

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