6 Reasons Canada is Great for Solo Travel for Women

Solo travel in Canada can be an absolutely amazing experience. With most of Canada’s beautiful national parks free to visit and plenty of museums, attractions and activities to take part in, it’s one of the best places to go whether you’re a seasoned solo traveler or just starting out on your solo journey for the first time. Whether you’re planning to take a camping trip in one of the wonderful national parks or prefer a city break kind of stay, there’s something for everybody in this diverse, vibrant and accommodating country. It’s friendly, beautiful, easy to navigate, and there are always cool activities available to take part in the whole year round, making it one of the most versatile destinations for anybody traveling solo. If you’re itching to plan your next solo trip, here are some of the best reasons to choose Canada.

#1. Easy to Access:

Visiting Canada from the U.S. is one of the easiest things to do, with several different options available for you when it comes to crossing the border. You can drive yourself, meaning that you’ll have the additional convenience of taking your car with you, or you can find several cross-border buses or trains. For those who live further than the border, save time by flying there and back. You can find flights to New York and back from a range of popular Canadian destinations such as Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto. Check out https://www.flyporter.com/en-ca/book-flights/where-we-fly/usa/new-york for the best price.

Canada#2. It’s Super Safe:

One of the best things about traveling solo to Canada is that you’re never going to have to worry about looking over your shoulder in fear. Plus, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to worry about the safety and security of your belongings. In fact, Canada is one of the safest countries to visit on your own. Although there are some neighborhoods to avoid, just like there would be in any other big cities, most solo travelers find that they are absolutely fine as long as they are using their common sense. In addition, solo female travelers are fairly common in Canada compared to other countries, and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be questioned or belittled for traveling on your own. You can easily blend into the crowd and go unnoticed, which is great for anybody choosing Canada for their first trip on their own. And, Canada’s tourism infrastructure is fantastic and you can always rely on the police to help you out if needed, both of which can help ensure a stress and hassle-free trip if you go alone.

#3. Friendly People:

The friendly and accommodating locals are just one of the best reasons why Canada is one of the best countries to visit on your own. Even if you’re an introvert and prefer your own company, you’re always going to encounter friendly, smiling and easy-going people to start friendships with when you visit Canada solo. Being massively nice to everybody is a big stereotype about Canadians, and whilst stereotypes aren’t always true to real life, those who’ve visited Canada on their own will know that Canadian kindness is definitely a real thing. Don’t be surprised to have complete strangers genuinely wanting to help you have a better experience. You might be offered travel tips, be able to strike up genuinely friendly conversations about a range of topics, or even find plenty of people that you can instantly trust to take your photograph. Plus, Canada is also home to many handy holiday working programs, which is a great idea if you want to travel there on your own but have an opportunity to meet new people and become part of a larger group.

#4. See the Natural Beauty:

Another great reason to visit Canada, whether you’re on your own or with others, is the amazing natural beauty of the country. If you love nature and feel most at home when you’re walking through amazing natural settings, then Canada is the perfect travel destination for you. In particular, the national parks of Western Canada will stimulate all your senses. Jasper and Banff especially are so beautiful and definitely worth visiting during your stay. If you enjoy hiking, Banff is one of the best hiking destinations in the country where you’ll find unforgettably beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Or if you prefer the Pacific Northwest, camping on Vancouver Island could be the ideal trip idea for you. Majestic mountains, spectacular lakes and lush greenery make for perfect picture backdrops and will never leave your memories.

#5. Shop and Explore in Big Cities:

If you’re more of a city girl than a country girl, Canada has plenty for you too. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa are some of the most popular cities in the country, offering a range of shopping experiences, museums, architecture, parks, and plenty of amazing cuisines for foodies to get stuck into. In addition, solo female travellers will be glad to hear that for the most part, cities in Canada are relatively safe. It’s unlikely that you’ll need to worry about your personal safety or that of your belongings as long as you stick to the well-known areas and know which parts are best avoided – there aren’t many, though! If you visit Toronto during the winter, it’s well worth going down to the PATH system, a 19-mile long system of shops and restaurants that makes up the world’s largest underground shopping complex. Here you’ll be able to find a range of high street favorites, independent shops and boutiques, and amazing restaurants all shielded from the cold above ground.

#6. You Can Go Again and Again:

With so much to see and do in Canada and so many different festivals, activities and more available during both the summer and the winter, the best thing about solo travel in Canada is that you can go again and again and still have a very different experience every single time. There’s always a new corner of this vibrant, magical country to discover, even if you visit a million times – you’re guaranteed to never get bored with something new to do every time. Sure, it may be fun to go to a different country every time you travel solo, but don’t rule out returning to Canada as many times as you can to do something different.

It has so much to experience that it would be completely impossible to try and pack it all into one whirlwind vacation, especially when you consider just how big the country actually is. Try a nature break and then come back for a completely different experience by visiting one of the big cities. Or, experience the best of Canada’s French heritage by spending a few days in Montreal or Quebec city, where you’ll hear French spoken in the streets. Sample traditional Canadian dishes but don’t forget to try international cuisines, like sushi which is plentiful in the city. Explore the largest Chinatown and discover more about the history and heritage of Canada by visiting as many museums as you can.

Whether you’re planning to travel solo for the first time or are experienced at traveling on your own, Canada is a wonderful choice of destination. Have you visited Canada on your own? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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